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Is it Time to Reconsider Giedo van der Garde?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jason Noble, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Is it Time to Reconsider Giedo van der Garde?

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  2. Somehow it´s not a real honest way to compare Pic and Giedo over the first part of the season. Charles Pic had already a full season of experience in the bag, and was getting all the new parts of the car as first. Giedo needed to get some experience first, and learn how to find his way in F1.

    Giedo was getting the badge of `paydriver` when he got the Caterham seat, because of the money of his father in law Marcel Boekhoorn, owner of McGregor. But even before his son in law got his seat McGregor has been sponsoring teams like Spyker and Williams. So McGregor is not a personal sponsor of Giedo, he just got the luck that he married the daughter of Boekhoorn. If Marcel Boekhoorn would not see a future and potential in van der Garde, he would not invest millions of dollars in him.
    And let's not forget, Giedo van der Garde was successfull in GP2, never had the best car, but still won races and brought Caterham GP2 into a subtop position. Look where they are now ... And Giedo won the World Series by Renault FR 3.5 , battled guys like Vettel and Hamilton in Formula 3, and was a lot of times the faster guy, in an older and underpowered car... and let's not forget he was in the McLaren young drivers program. So he really showed his talent over the years, and is not just a paydriver...

    Dutch drivers do need to bring money all the time. Why? The Dutch market is to small to be interesting for big companies like Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault or big multinationals. It's as simple as that.
    Look at Robin Frijns. He has won the most titles of all young drivers at the moment, has even more titles then Vettel when he entered F1, broke record after record, and is as big as a talent as Kubica, Raikkonen and Vettel. But why in Robin Frijns not in F1 already? Simple answer : no sponsor, no money, no F1 seat ... even if you are the next Ayrton Senna of Schumacher ... you need to bring money ... and did these guy not bring money in there first races/season of F1? Yes, even they did at the time.

    So it´s not really fair to say say Giedo is a paydriver.
    Who is not a paydriver nowadays? Almost every new young driver needs to bring money or some kind of support of a supplier. Even Bottas could not make his debute without bringing in a serious some of money.

    That being said, Giedo has done a very good job in his first year, and is still growing. The new Pirelli tires seem to fit him, and Pic does not have as much advantage of his experience anymore. And look what happens ... Giedo starts to develop himself as the better driver of the two. And getting Q2 on tracks like Monaco and Spa ... not the least of tracks, do say a lot. Ofcourse he needed the weather conditions, for the simple fact that Caterham is like 4 or 5 seconds slower then the top 5. But it shows that Giedo can deliver, and has potential to become a respectable driver in one of the bigger teams.

    Still tho, to be really really really honest .... I really hope to see Robin Frijns in F1, he is a "once in a generation kid" ... And we can not be sure Giedo is ...

    If i had to choose .... give me Robin Frijns. And I guess i'm not the only one.
  3. by the way ... the driver in the picture is not Giedo van der Garde, but Pic ... LMAO :-p
  4. Of course I'm biased because I'm Dutch as well, but Giedo has shown he's able to grab rare chances once he was settled in. I believe in a few early races, Pic drove with updates on the car that Giedo had to do without. I think the people at Sky and BBC recognize his qualities now as well, unlike the beginning of the season. Unfortunatly Giedo is from a small country (disadvantage from marketing perspective) and is a paydriver so he will need to keep performing very well to move to a bigger team. Since nearly all seats up ahead are filled, Giedo will have to aim at another season at Caterham I guess. As Jason wrote, it will most likely be weeks before the start of the season before we know for sure.
  5. I think the kid has potential. I'd like to see what he could do in a higher tiered car such as Sauber/Force India/Torro Rosso. I think he could be very competitive, possibly even giving the McLaren drivers (in their current car) a run for their money.
  6. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium Member

    Giedo has a lot of talent. He is aggressive, that's why he has improved after the tyres changed, can judge how wet the track is and rarely makes mistakes (don't forget he is a rookie). He is a bit careless, but he is a rookie driving a quite bad car.
  7. He's taken opportunities when they've presented to him and done well with that. His consistancy continues to improve and although he's had a few issues when being lapped, thats seemed to have stopped for the last few GPs.

    Its his rookie year and he seemes to have settled in quickly, I think he's probably done enough to secure a seat on performance alone, and if he brings some cash with him thats an added bonus.
  8. He definetly improved a lot in the last 5 races or so.
  9. I think he has a great level for be a rookie, in level it beats GUT and CHI...
    I would like to watch it in a better car the next year :)
  10. I'm afraid he's too old to be taken seriously. He will never move up a team, unless that team needs money. If he were a bit younger, teams could actually consider employing him as a driver for the future. If he were more experienced, he'd also probably be useful. Currently, even though I'm Dutch myself, I have little faith in Guido van der Garde. I hope Robin Frijns will get his seat for next year!
  11. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant
    Premium Member

    I must admit when I heard that he got a seat at Caterham I was sceptic (and that is an understatement). I thought he got more money then he got talent. But I found he is a pleasant surprise. I still don't think he is good enough for a top team but when you outrace your teammate in your first year then you are doing al right. Although I also hope that Frijns makes it into F1. That guy has the talent but no money at the moment.