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Is it quicker...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Nathan Aljoe, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. ... to use manual clutch?

    I've tried using manual clutch and must admit i suck! I was swinging all over the shop, missing gears and blowing valves.

    Does it make you quicker? If so what are the advantages exactly and how the hell do you do it?
  2. Most guys who use manual clutch only use it for the starts and when the car spinns. And I'm pretty sure that's how the real GT/Touring cars work. They never use the clutch to shift gears, only to get of the grid...and if you do it that way, I do think it makes you a little quicker...but very little. I've tried it and I couldn't see any differance in laptimes so it's not that important for speed.
    However it should help you to get off the starting grid faster if you do it right.
    I myself have never used manual clutch because I lack a third pedal, but it is useful in starts, and it might be useful if you tend to lock up the wheels when you downshift because you can carefully manipulate the wheel lock with the clutch. (I don't know if that made sense...)
  3. Depends on the car I drive and I must admit I just received my G25, so not very experienced with the clutch yet, and when trying to use it I have the same problem but:
    EG Mini's: clutch only needed for Start (1st gear) and when you're about to crash (so the engine doesn't stall).
    i believe it's the same for the Wtcc cars. No idea for GT and other classes as I haven't driven them with my G25.

    Edit: :) I have to type faster (or stop working with tabbed browsing)
  4. I can say no ;)

    I spent months using the Auto clutch until I got my G25 and I haven't gotten any faster, however it is easier if you have that 3rd pedal to get you off the line.

    Most WTCC cars (excluding the 5-Speed BMW's) use a sequential shifter (no paddles) which doesn't require the clutch. The BMW's are H-Shifting, which is great fun when you get the hang of it. Will be doing so tonight in the Xmas event.
  5. I think the real quick guys tend to use a clutch, you can I suppose balanace the car a bit better in slow corners, but these cars dont have loads of power so maybe not, prapd in GT??

    But real quick guys do stuff that mere mortals like me cant do anyway!
  6. I think thats what i getting at. What is it that these guys do? Would love to have an idea. Maybe with practise i could do it too and become super quick?
  7. From what I've heard, even the BMW's in the STCC that have an H pattern box still don't use the clutch. So I suppose most race cars work without the use of a clutch except for starts etc.

    As for simracers, I remember that Roland Ehnström once said that he did not use autoclutch and that he did not use the clutch for shifting. He only uses it in starts, in the pits and when spinning off the track, to keep the engine from stalling.

    So I guess a lot of virtual racers go the same way as the real ones.
    Although I don't think this has anything to do with faster drivers beeing faster, except perhaps on the starting grid.
    The road to becoming a really good and fast driver is a reasonable steering wheel/pedals and then...practice,practice,practice,practice,practice and so on, untill the only words that are coming out of your mouth are "My tires are getting worn", "You're running low on fuel" or "New lap record!":alien:
  8. When I first got my G25 I used manual clutch. However, every time I went off road and into the sand in GTR2 my engine turned off because I did not use the clutch correctly. So this was too hard and I eventually made it automatic. I have no idea what real drivers do, though.

    I now press the clutch when I accellerate from 0 at the grid because this way I can be in gear and start with a number of RPM's that suit my driving style. And I also use the clutch pedal when I get in the sand and need to get back on the road. In situation the clutch is very effective.
  9. I guess it depends on how serious you are, for me I cant affoird a 150 quid toy so make do with automatic.

    I am usually top 3 most races unless there are aliens!! And its one less thing to bother about!

    Consistency is the key not geeky trivks like this really
  10. i have only found it an advantage at the lights!