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iRacing Mac/Linux clients in Beta testing

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Bakkster, May 6, 2013.

  1. From Steve Myers on the forums.
    If it works, they're right in basically having the Mac and Linux markets cornered for anyone wanting a polished sim. Will there be a market for Linux users to a subscription-only sim? I'm a bit skeptical there, but there are definitely interested Mac racers, often using Boot Camp currently.

    It all boils down to how much effort it required to port, and how much continued development it will require to keep the other clients working. If the majority of code is shared it could be very good for iRacing.
  2. And the rest of the details come out. It's a 3rd-party emulation layer going over top of the Windows code. The iRacing devs aren't doing anything different, it'll still be emulated, just officially supported emulation.
  3. "By rough estimates Apple and Linux make up between 15% - 25% of the market space and as far as we can tell nothing like iRacing exists on those platforms."

    Now do a poll on how many of the iRacers use mac/linux.
  4. Don't fall into a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Of course fewer people are using Mac/Linux for iRacing, they aren't supported. Just because the number is low now doesn't mean it will always be low, the lack of official support is going to make its current use lower.

    At least a few have mentioned on the forums they either currently use or used in the past Boot Camp on their Macs for iRacing. Others would be running Linux all the time if it were capable of gaming. Those people will probably benefit, as long as the emulation is decent.
  5. Well it´s quite obvious nobody is playing iRacing on Mac´s operating system but instead uses windows through that.

    The point i was making is quit wasting resources on that sort of stuff when it can be used for much better things.
    If they were the size of google i could understand it as you would have whole divisions doing different thing but it´s just a group of guys right now.

    No but it most likely stay low because of the the fact that only 15-25% of the market.
    Then how many percentage of those are actual simracers or want to be simracers and the number drops even further.

    Yea i´m sure some exist but in the bigger picture i think it´s quite miniscule.

    But it´s not the first time iRacing prioritized in totally different ways then you expect.
    But atleast we got touch screen now.
  6. They say it's a 3rd party project, meaning iRacing development resources aren't being spent at all, let alone wasted.
    Remember, that was Intel paying for us to also get mouse-accessible black boxes, which I use every time I hit the pits. Worth it to me, YMMV.
  7. Pretty sure that could have been done without finance by Intel.
    If not then it´s worse then i thought.

    The only time i use the mouse is when it activates while driving, pissed me off everytime.
    They should have done like GTR. Being able to pre-determine your strategy before you hit the track and not change fuel loads for the pit stop while you are in the car.

    Where´s the quote about it being a third party developing it?
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  8. Everybody on the forums is always saying that they need more members to fill all the series. Then iRacing has an opportunity to get access to all the Mac & Linux users (probably a connection to Steam to) and then everybody starts crying that this is not necessary and a wast of money and resources...
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  9. The OSX version of iRacing is already available for a couple of weeks and it was announce officially last week.
    Finally I can paint cars and watch races on my Macbook. :D
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  10. Awesome! Im linux user for last 8 years, only using my old Windows XP for Iracing. Iracing is not as good as i was expecting road racing physics wise, but i do love the rest of their idea for a sim, but Linux native support is massive for Linux. Now we need the wheel manufacturers to make Linux drivers and software like they do for Windows. Now if only they had SimBin's Race physics!

    This game still has a lot to offer, in my opinion its too pricey but the vast options makes it a great choice, but if they got more realistic physics (by real i dont mean more sliding i mean more drivable) then it would be a much bigger hit.

    Linux and Mac support though, that is a brilliant step! Thanks you Iracing for thinking of the little guys for a change!
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  11. I have been waiting for a sim to land on mac for years. I dont want to use windows computers and i dont want to boot camp my mac. after all my laptop cost me £2100 why would i then want to go buy a windows pc.

    Just downloaded it, just got logged in and im buzzing! THanks iRacing for bringing this to mac. Now, Dear apple, how about some peripheral support.

  12. I dont get why drivers are not written for Mac and/or Linux, i mean people do want to use them, and with Steam now on Linux, and I presume on Mac if not im sure it will be soon then it makes sense, after all it's more sales for them then!

    And Mac and Linux both use the same Unix kernel these days so it cant be hard to write for both. iRacing will need it.

    Linux has support for a Logitech wheel but only 900 degree wheels as standard, does Mac not have the same? Apparently its built into the latest kernels and as i know Mac uses those kernels too, so there wont be software but if you plug a wheel in wont it still work?