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Installing the STCC!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Simon Trendell, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. I know a few people are wondering, I received my copy today from megastore.
    If you want to buy it from there I can't recommend them enough, sent out on Friday delivered Monday from Sweden is amazing.

    As before it's all in English apart from a few bits on the box but that also comes with English equivalents & the quick start guide.

    Installing you get the offline & online option, I only use the online version so you go through that, enter the key on the manual and you are given the choice of installing Race 07, Race 07 Dedicated Server & the STCC.
    I already have Race07 (Boxed) so untick the R07 & Dedicated options and it just installs the STCC, quick update and it's ready. It copied about 800Mb from the disc for those who are wondering how big the steam download might be.

    Everything is available through GTR Evo, but only R07 & STCC content is available through the STCC.

    I've had a quick go and all I can say so far is that the tracks rule, nothing beats flying in a touring car :D
  2. How bout the Merc? or should i name it BMS? :D

    how's it handling? compare it to a wtcc car, please! :)
  3. I'll put it this way, I tried the BMW E90 6-Speed and spun within 2 corners, with the BMS I made an entire lap without crashing in my first outing :D

    With my little experience it's a more stable BMW, it also has 6 gears.
  4. Nice - how much was it? Haven't found it anywhere....
  5. Meh - as it's basically an expansion I'll wait for the price to go down a little (only paid £20 for GTRe!). Cheers for the link though.
  6. are they relasing an expansion version only i.e. without race 07 as well, seeing as i have GTRe Full version (with race 07). it would be nice if the stcc series and its tracks and rules would integrate into GTRe tho i doubt that lol.
  7. lol just read that u sed everything integrates lol (just noticed a few blank category boxes in the list of racing series in GTR-E lol). i think of GTR-E as the daddy, Race 07 as the Mummy and STCC as the child lol, with GTR-E owning the house lol (since everything appears in GTRe but not (i think) the other way round)
  8. It does!


    The icons get smaller so that we can have even more classes :D
  9. god damn, why isn't this on steam yet!! :grrr:
  10. even the rules, gr8 :D. thats wierd, u have the same screen rez as me (1440x900) yet the category boxes are in different positions to mine (any ideas on that lol)
  11. ah got u.
  12. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    yeh ill be saving it for btcc. heh
  13. i presume you can add custom classes (e.g. F1) on that scren as well? i also wish it would have a screen for the overall class (i.e. GT, WTCC) and then when u click on one it comes up with the different series/seasons instead of them all being on 1 screen(i.e. GT Pro, Sport, Club; WTCC 06, WTCC 07 respectivly) i hope u understand that lol
  14. You can if you know how and.. I don't lol
  15. ill try and contact simbin
  16. Nice,thanks for info Simon.Now i want to have STCC even more...come on steam-why its taking so long
  17. I think this is about $40 US plus shipping. This is way out of line with all other Usa avilable Sim Bin games. i think they are missing the boat by not selling in the US. I have every simbin race sim produced but will not pay close to $50 for another race 07 evo add on. I wont install a downloaded steam version. ALL my simbing installs are from a cd with a nocd exe. which is already avilable for "stcc the game".