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Installer Help please!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Craig Murphy, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    purchased 3 month of iRacing today but having problems with installer on quick setup guide.

    When download it doesnt open, windows asks me to choose a program or use the web which doesnt open it.

    I have latest java and flash player, some advice so I can go racing please lads.

  2. Craig,

    What is the file you have downloaded?

    If memory serves it should be an executable file (.exe) for you to run the installer. Should be something like....


  3. The file reads this mate


    no idea
  4. downloaded at least 10 times and get this each time. frustrating to say the least.
    Have a missed something? i logged in and hit download in quick start guide.

  5. edit
  6. Looks like the download isn't completing... it's still a temporary file (hasn't renamed itself to an .exe yet)
  7. man i hope i can get it sorted. ive turned windows firewall off and avast.
  8. Just tried to download again and same result. Guess ill have to call or wait for a reply on monday.

    Not happy though was hoping to be racing tonight.
  9. try following, rename downloaded file to .exe extension (add .exe on end of filename) and after that just doubleclick the file
  10. good idea Dario, currently im re-downloading with firefox so see if that works.
  11. Firefox has done the job lads, thanks for quick response.
    As an rfactor racer and modder since its release im really looking forward to testing this :wink: