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Misc Improves sensation track (FFB Mod) 2.0

improves sensation track

  1. Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
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  2. Im going to test it and give you guys a feedback :3
  3. This isn't a cheat? (If no, then for can be use in Online races)
  4. not think it's cheating, just makes you feel the bumps on the track
  5. It's not a cheat as I tried to improve my time on one of the circuits, and pushing too hard still resulted in the back end sliding out on one of the chicanes. It does however give a great feel on the tarmac as I could feel the road's surface texture. Don't know if it'll damage my f1 Ferrari wheel from the amount of force it has on the wheel's motor, but I can just turn the force feedback down and still have a great experience. All in all I personally think this is a great addition to the overall experience, thanks for the great job.
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  6. thank you for the test:thumbsup:
  7. You're more than welcome mate, I have always enjoyed a more immersive FFB experience so that you feel like you're connecting to the action on the screen, and for me personally you have given me that, cheers.
  8. tested here. very cool vibration. i really missed that sensation on the original FFB. playing with G27.
    great job, thanks!
  9. great to see it works on a g27.
    gonna donwload it to then for my g27 :)
    grtz thx
  10. Thanks for the comments, I am happy you like it. When I first played the f1 2013 disappointed me to not feel the vibration of the track that I loved the previous installments, so I try to put back the vibration that gives more realism to the game. thank all those who have tried and given their opinion. in an upcoming update I'll see how to put a little more vibration to feel the gear shift.:)
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  11. Please do!!!
    really interested what's it like compared to last year's real ffb and road feel ffb mod..
  12. Thanks mate, loving the ffb and looking forward to the update.
  13. Thanks. Just tested on my G27. Liked the feeling of ffb with this mod. Gonna use it, instead of default one.
  14. thanks I'm glad you liked it, greetings
  15. this mod is great!!
  16. Brilliant mod :) !!!!!
  17. Works great with Driving Force GT!
  18. Works very well with my CSR :)
  19. Nice mod, im driving much better. Thanks alot :thumbsup: