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Misc Improved Graphics - New Hardware Settings Options File 2014-10-19

New file to increase the graphics in the game !

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  1. "Increase the graphics." is pretty vague. Could you go into more detail, please?
  2. insert the file into the SYSTEM cartela of the game, then go on options and video (if you have powerful computer) you will have options in more than before in setting the graphics !
    Most high clear !
  3. I was wondering that too so I compared it with the original. Here's what's changed:
    • Adds a 16X MSAA option
    • Adds finer gamma steps (0.05 instead of 0.1)
    • Adds "ultra max" setting to shadows, mirrors, vehicles, trees, objects, and reflections.
  4. There are some really positive things with this mod, it looks great and performs perfectly like it should for me. However I've found two issues:
    First is the ultra max shadows actually being a downgrade, it creates ghost shadows in odd places like the main menu lights become shadows in the sky.
    Secondly, I have all on ultra max setting except shadows and when I watch replays my car in a distance goes to a very low lod setting and switches to the correct setting when it's close. This is an issue with only my car, all other cars on track look great.

    Maybe the modder can address these issues, this mod is great otherwise.
  5. In all cases, my file should be able to set up and use, those who have no desire to do so and much better for him to walk in the most simple stuff such as copy and paste and just !!!
  6. I've found that the issue is using distant vehicles in ultra max setting, the LOD upgrade behaves fine for all cars except the one you are driving. Thought you should know, f.bausi.
  7. Put those posted now !