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WIP Imola 1963

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Rodrrico, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Hey All,

    I have been building Imola from the F2 race layout in 1963. There have been minor problems along the way, but on the whole its been going well. Recently I changed all the road textures and added several new 'surface changes' that were minor. I want to start doing the AIW, however when I load up my track the car just floats around 1m above the ground on the grid. Can someone please help me here?
  2. Bram
    Staff Member Premium Member


    For what game is this track?
  3. rFactor, and I have not been able to fix the problem(up to doing the AIW) as my licence to BTB has expired. Right now I can't just buy one. So if anyone wants all the track materials let me know.
  4. i think this is a problem with your material naming.... make sure your track material starts with road... grass with gras etc... basically the driveable surface prefixes are listed in the terrain.tdf
  5. That makes sense now. As I made some custom road textures and put them into an xpack, but I don't think I had all the names right. That would be right. Thanks greatly for your assistance, as soon as I buy a licence I will rectify this.
  6. Erwin Greven
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    Erwin Greven

    Can you post some screenshots? I am really interested in how far you are with your track.
  7. I can post some old ones, or perhaps in game track cams. I'll do it later today.