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I'm stuck and scared. HALP PLOX!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jekabs Elerts, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hey there, folks.
    I've been working on my fantasy track for a while now, but I haven't really gotten anywhere. I mean, the layout is done and it's pretty great if I do say so myself, but I just down right suck at doing the terrain. I had a guy put the kerbs in all the right places and it's pretty much stuck there.
    Another problem is, I burnt a video card while using BTB, so I'm kind of scared to use it, I don't want to burn the new one. It's a dual-fan (the box says so), but I'm peeved by the last one going on me just like that after surviving Crysis and Shift 2.
    Anyway. Would anyone be willing to complete the track? You can let your fantasy roam and go crazy with the terrain and objects and whatnot. All I would ask is that you don't change the layout of the track.
  2. Your gfx card probably has been destroyed by dust, not by btb (as i had something like this in my laptop once...)
  3. get rivatuner or evga precision
    you can monitor gpu temp and fan speed in there
    default fan speed is only 40%

    clean your fans regularly and speed up your fan
  4. If you're stuck, take a break from the project, you have the priviledge to post-pone imaginary deadlines forever.. Or make a backup somewhere and clean your project folder; unfinshed projects is not the best thing to see when looking for inspiration.

    Make a Destruction Derby arena, go crazy with eights, just do something completely different. That usually helps if i suffer the Emptyhead syndrome. Making a fast simple track or something that shouldn't be used that way with a track or software, has brought new ideas. And those 2 hours-and-ready tracks are fun to test and one can learn a lot of track safety:D.

    Track building and actually driving on said track is two different things but they compliment each other.. Many days has passed in effort to do a loop-de-loop (didn't work, AIW goes haywire) or nice logarithmic hills (F1 really can go vertically, few seconds but still nice thing to try, learned a lot of road panel lenghts, gradients and grip levels that day )

    Trackbuilders have great advantage; if some part of driving technique needs improvement, you can do small tracks that have only that one blind turn over crest and maybe that annoying downhill hairpin... Actually producing tracks is almost secondary to that, for me anyway. The ability to do a working 3km track in under 10 minutes is quite a fun way to play the game..

    EDIT: TLDR, yeah.. Just remembered the last time fast trackbuilding came in handy. that infamous S2000 in Le Mans, couldn't decide which was best car for straights; it took 5 minutes to make a testtrack (10km straight), another 5 to exports and such.. All this about half an hour before the event started..
  5. Another thing you can try is steep slopes. I think I once got a Lotus Elan doing 240mph, just by coasting. The Lotus Cortina became very unstable very quickly.
  6. Could someone at least do the terrain for me? I'm not kidding, I suck all kinds of ass at this. The terrain wouldn't have to be anything fancy, just flat on the inside, maybe a bit elevated on the outside.
  7. I doubt you will find anyone to build your track for you (yes building the terrain is classed as building the track for you). The whole point of doing this kind of thing is to get enjoyment out of doing it. If you don't enjoy doing it, then this is probably not your thing. :) (I mean that in a nice way)

    Part of enjoying it, is taking on the learning challenge ahead. If you don't have the time or the will to take on the learning challenge, who is to say that you would even finish the project if someone went to the trouble to help you? The odds are not in your favour, put some effort into it and try to do it yourself first. :thumb:

    ps, don't try coming back tomorrow saying you tried :D, try for at least a month!
  8. Actually the point of this is to make a track that I enjoy driving and the terrain is only needed so that I wouldn't have to stare into the empty void. xD Also, I have tried for more than a month, trust me.
    OK, I suppose I can live without the terrain. Moving on.

    I have encountered a very annoying problem. I didn't like the default curbs, so I used the gorgeous curbs from the "Assorted Track Objects" xpack. The problem is, GTR2 doesn't like these curbs. It won't load. And I know it's the curbs, because, if I remove them, the game runs fine. I really want to use these curbs, because they're absolutely beautiful so don't tell me to just use other curbs, please. xD
    I looked at the materials and all the materials are set to "roada". Could that have anything to do with it? I trust that you will be willing to help with this, because this is hardly "making the track for me".
  9. Never mind, I found the problem. Just some bad textures.
  10. Nope, apparently I haven't quite fixed it. I can run it in GTR2, but RACE 07 is giving me minidumps, when I try to load it. WTF? Help?
  11. had problems with the Assorted Track Objects xpack as well(export problems and missing texture on trackload ) ..stopped using it no more problems since

    what makes the curbs so gorgeous ? i dont remember much difference to the default curbs :confused:
  12. Take another look and you'll see. They are freaking amazing looking.
  13. those ?


    they look nice indeed..i cloned them :redface:



    (never had any problems using my own custom packs/models and iam using plenty - let me know if you run into any trouble)
  14. I sent an early version of the track to Kennett Ylitalo so he could do the curb placement for me (my racing theory differs from that of most drivers xD) and he said it was obvious I had gone the auto-generation route and filled in the middle and that it had come out very messy. The track has some rapid elevation changes and it really does get messy with auto-generated terrain. He also recommended that I use the 7-point-cross-section for my track. I did that and I must say that was the most useful piece of advice I ever received.

    p00se2, thanks. I'll check it out.
  15. p00se2, just popped them in and they're amazing. They look great and they feel great. They work in GTR2 AND RACE 07! xD
  16. thank you sir :cool:
  17. Thanks, that cross-section rules.. I need to clean it and put it on the downloads. I can make an example terrain from the project files that i got but you need to learn from there and do it on the main project yourself.. "Teach a man how to fish" type of deal ;) It doesn't take long, about ½ hour is my approximate.. It won't be fancy but it will work.

    Auto-generation does stupid things sometimes, that's why "Click&Drag" combined with "pull the edges" is way better method. Click&Drag pretty much shortens single terrain meshes by default, lot less problems in the future and you have somekind of picture how the actual track is reproduced by the game-engine.
  18. I was doing the walls all over again today and thought I'd give the click&drag&pull a go and my PC is being a slow *****. Must be because it's a dual-core. Maybe if I make the walls 50 meters high... xD
  19. Remeber to click OFF all the view tickboxes, W, O and S when editing terrain. It will be painfully slow, with for ex multiple SObjects marked "vertices follow ground" and visible, plus a bunch of walls and single objects, editing of just one terrain point can take forever...

    EDIT: oh, just noticed that you said walls, not terrain... Anyway any edit that alters other objects, increases the processor load...
  20. Oh... Thanks. I'll try it tomorrow. 'Tis 10 o'clock here and I don't feel like getting frustrated anymore today. xD