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im looking for a gaming pc, had enough of consoles ... help ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Steve Watts, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Basically im sick to death of being on consoles with so many limitations, dont get me wrong some things about them are great, they are popular and easy to use but then again you have so many limitations. An example is, i love my GT5 i think its an incredible game, but im limited to the cars on the game and tracks and unless PD release any DLC im stuck with them. I went to a friends house who keeps raving about how good the pc is compared to consoles and i didnt really understand why, well until i had a look at the endless amounts of DLC for games.
    We got chatting while he was playing oblivion and i admitt i do like my adventure games, he was running around as Rambo but with a sword and shield !. Ok its a bit chilidish but its unique and would never see such a thing on PS3 !. Then he shows me all the tracks and cars that are downloadable on Rfactor i think it was, i may be mistaken, i couldnt believe it ! any track i mentioned he could find it ! same with the cars.
    What im basically asking is, does anyone know a gaming pc available which could be used for adventure/racing games and easily run them, if so how much and where from, please let me know guys, thanks.

    Steve .
  2. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    depending on your budget
  3. I bought my first pc in 1997 and worked my way up the pc ladder to my 4th purchase last Christmas of a pretty hot lick gaming pc. It was a little pricey and obsolete in 6 months but boy do I like it. I have some experience with consoles and think they are great for racing and first person shooter and more, but when it comes to strategy, role playing and flight simulator, the pc is the way to go. I did some research online and did not go top of the line but pretty high. What a great purchase. I bought from a company called ipower, I'm sure that there are others. The web site is similar to Dell where you can build your custom pc and track the cost at the same time. My advice is do some research and identify the point of diminishing return for yourself.
  4. I think PC is the way to go for everything. I just got mine from IBUYPOWER and t hasnt done me wrong. I may be biased though since I have always liked computer gaming more =P
  5. I have just got my first PC race rig... its awesome. Eyefinity with 3 x 23" ... bought second hand from Rick Fowler on here. He builds a very nice gameing pc I think. You would not be going far wrong if you got in touch with him to sort you out! : )
    He came to my house yesterday and installed it all for me and I had a few laps around silverstone in the iracer FW30... oh my god...
    What a car...
    Consols are great, but a game pc is better, but its much more hassle I think.
    But 3 screens man.... oh yes!
    Go for it.
  6. thanks george for the nice reply about me.

    regarding your gaming pc,first off dont go buy a pre-made pc as they over charge way to much and you don't exactly see all your getting,what i mean is they will say its got a nice gpu and cpu but the other hardware is gonna be low budget stuff which will blow within a year or so.

    building your own if you feel confident or getting someone to build it for you who will know whats best and will use the best hardware possiable to your budget ect is the best method i allways preach when it comes to pc's.

    i have built many pc's from the basic to the extreme watercooled systems,and have years of experience in building and modding pc's.

    my lastest setup that george has brought is an example of my work and he is a very happy,any help or advice i am willing to help if you need it.

    this is no way a taut for bussiness just thought i would but my two pennys worth in and hope it helps when it comes to getting you new pc.

  7. PC's are definitely more of a hassle, and often consoles get exclusives or the PC gets bad ports, but for those games that come to PC, and of course PC has many exclusives too, the extra hassle is worth the extra reward.

    Console: well-behaved kid but a bit stupid and ends up working at McDonald's.
    PC: boisterous and frustrating kid, but intelligent and goes to university.

  8. Yep, nice one Ryan. lol
  9. Well I bought my current one for 350 ish

    Quad core processor
    4gb ddr 3 ram
    not sure on mobo socket but it supports all the latest techs.

    All it needs is a better gfx card and it runs most if not all the current games.
  10. I came across this site, thanks to someones recommendation on another forum. Not sure of their quality and everything, but they are custom built, if you're not tech savvy to build your own. http://www.uber-ware.co.uk/

    If you are tech savvy, then I would recommend that you build your own, as mentioned before. However, you need to supply us with a budget to help you out.