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If I could only have 1 wish...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by iF1Nut, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Since they've announced they're going address some of these bugs I wouldn't need to waste my wish on a patch.

    Many of us feel that there's something (a lot according to some) missing from this game and I agree. Engineering is a VERY big part of F1, IMO, and it is not really represented here. In some way I can understand because as the advertisement states: "You live the life" of the driver, not the engineer. So, while living the life brings a dynamic that I think helps sells it does little for those who REALLY want to dive into this game and grant it the title of "simulator".

    I wished CM would release another game that was geared TOTALLY to the aspect of being part of the engineering team AND that interfaced with F1 2010. So, after each session I could anaylze my runs by looking at all the data available to the teams in F1. In this "game" I could see all telemetry and everything else from my sessions. It would/could bring a whole other aspect of the experience. You could have true teams, where you have drivers and engineers who can analyze data in real-time in online games and give real pit updates. That would be awesome and I'd pay double for the game because it'd obviously be geared to a select few of the population. If this could be done and be at least 80% true to real life it would add an unbelievable dynamic to the game and if I could actually learn too. I change my mind, I'd pay triple!
  2. thats a solid idea also the setups are vague to say the least and on board telemetry such as tyre temp and such is not accessible and after the races it is seems a shame in one respect because if this aspect had have been brought into the game aswell as what they have and keep quick setups for people who arent interested in that sort of thing the game would have been a solid 10 out of 10 imo i completely agree with what you are saying and it is a shame that they didnt do this but maybe with abit of luck they might introduce it in the next installment fingers crossed.
  3. Yes we are in agreement, I just think a lot more detail could be brought if it were a separate title. That way the driving sim could mainly just concentrate on driving and the engineering sim could focus on the other missing aspects. Leave the quick setups and minor tuning in the driving sim so those who don't care can still have what they do today, but I would love to be able to not only tune like you can in F1 2007 (I think) on the PS3, but also have the tools to make decisions (that's what's missing from the tuning portion of F1 2007 (PS3)). I think it would be cool to have a scenario where I as a team engineer and manager have the option to recruit you as my driver and watch your career runs (in real time) and tell you what I'm seeing from the data. It would be cool to tell you that your breaking too hard in turn 3 or your losing time to racerX in section 2. It would be awesome to fire you for not performing lol! or promote you to #1 driver for the team. I heard there are some problems with the leader boards that make league not possible, but if that was fixed too the leagues would could be incredible.
  4. yeah that would be a very good game and would be really interesting kind of like a football manager game but for F1
  5. i think they should give us realistic physics and realistic car response before giving us realistic setup possibilities. otherwise, it would be pointless.
  6. that too yeah the physics are not bad but not perfect either could be much better
  7. I think once they made the design decision to not use realistic timing behaviours everything that needs that like telemetry just got kicked to the curb, which is a total shame.
  8. You could be on to something there Sparkyjay23. That does make sense. I wonder, IF the timing issue IS only related to the practice if everyone would be cool with NOT having the ability to accelerate time. I mean, they could do away with the fast forward and if you didn't want to finish/watch the session you could just quit to the next session. You would lose the ability to sit in wait for someone to get close enough to your time that you would feel the need to get back on track.
  9. There have been F1 manager games, EA made one. There just have not been any GOOD F1 Manager games lol. I would have to think that Codemasters (or EA) are probably not the best for an in-depth manager game.