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IDEA for foldable 'origami' projector screen cockpit

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Matt Lenart, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. not sure anyone proposed this in the past or if it was made already (sorry if it was) but how about:

    a graphics software overlay that would split the screen up into 'zones' so that pixels in those zones wouldn't look stretched when projected on folded, diagonal screen sections. that way your side windows would have an overlay calculating the compensation for the pixels projected on the sides. it would have to be rear projection and positioned perfectly so the driver's head wouldn't obstruct the projector. maybe even add some kind of curvature to the windshield so you can slope it downward in front of you.... i dunno. i'm just wondering if this is possible or if someone already made this.... or even it makes any sense :unsure:

    again, if this already exists and i'm just really bad at using the internet... i apologize.
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  2. This almost sounds like a (half) dome set-up, but I don't know more about it or how to do it. That's supposed to have all screen areas at the same distance to your eyes though, but technically I guess it needs a similar projection.
  3. Keep it simple: use an Oculus Rift :)