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I wasn't able to get password of Presto GP site

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Alfonso Clarke, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Hi ok last race i wasent able to get password before interlagos race but thanks to vale i made it
    i think its because am still light green & not dark green so i was wondering if this problem could get fixed before abu dhabi plz so i dont need to annoying other members for the password before the race plz ok thanks:cool:
  2. Yup, i had the same problem. I had to get password from Remi, cheers again mate:biggrin:

    Also in my garage my current league say Presto GP season 3 waiting list.
    It also says Qualifying @ Hungaroring starts in: Event has started

    im stuck in the past, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh :tongue::tongue::tongue:

    Hope yoiu guys can help :cool:
  3. Same for me!
    But I could not join at Interlagos as I did not know MAK F1 mod had been updated :(
    Anyway I guess we Reserve drivers may not get the password until Nicolai is sure about the number of official drivers attending the race...
  4. Put me on the list too, I had to ask A. N. Other for password.....
  5. All of you should now be able to get the password in the future. I trust our two reserve drivers only will join if there is room (which it probably will be in all the races) and I'll let you get the password like everybody else. Bettr that than me forgetting to give it to you :)

    Rob, I do not know why you didn't get the password. Does it have anything to do with the Rob/Robert mix? Your user at prestogp.com is Rob Adair and it should have displayed the pw (it was not posted until 7pm though).
  6. When exactly will we be allowed to join? Beginning of Qualifying session?
  7. Maybe we shall say 5 to 8, UK time. And then I'll ask the Race Director to make it official that the rest of the guys needs to be online before 5 to 8 or they run a risk of losing their spot.

    I trust you've got your hands on the new mod?
  8. That's ok Nicolai, thank you :)
  9. Good point Nico, could we run a test sometime to confirm your suspicion ? (I was checking garage up to about 7:10, and it was not there ).
  10. Well, there should be a count down to the Abu Dhabi race there. I'll write vancouver as a pw test, let me know if you can see it.
  11. :thumbup:Yep that's come through fine
  12. Thanks again Nico:cool: