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i think thats the line for me

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Stealthy, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. was leading after pit stops , a nice gap to second , looking set for my first victory crossed the line to win only to find out id finnished third , im really getting sick of this , how did all these bugs get past the beta testers?
  2. How could you not know what place you were in?
  3. i was in first when i crossed the line!!!! note where i said i was leading
  4. You must have got a 10 second penalty.
  5. none , didnt get one penalty all race
  6. Was it online?
  7. nope offline , didnt realise race position was time based not position
  8. I've been reading numerous posts (on other forums) about people having this same issue, and their general theory is that the results are scripted (the AI timing is fixed, the cars you see driving only pop-up to serve as obstacles but are in no way related to the timing. They also use this theory to explain that some cars aren't going into the pit-lane at all).

    I haven't played the career mode that much yet, so I can't confirm this first hand, but it seems you're not the only one getting these strange results...
  9. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla

    That's bad. I have also read that the actual AI driving and the posted time after race do not correlate, but to "finish 3rd" when you actually drove over the line as the first, that's a bit too much. At least the positions need to be correct, personally I could live with the result times not 100% matching the AI on track.
  10. I just had a frustrating time, was in 2nd place, went in to pit on lap 7/24 at spain, cars drove through me in the pits (like ghosts?) and then i was held while the whole field pitted. finally got out of the pits in 20th place and then got a penalty for illegal blocking while the computer was still controlling the car.
  11. Last night I had the same thing, but to my advantage: I did a career race and Alonso crossed the line first with me second. Results showed me in first and Alonso in third...