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I.O.M TT course

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Craig Murphy, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hi, Could someone please advise if it would be possible to create this track for rfactor. It has a total length of 37.73 miles so would it have to be shortened to keep good quality?
  2. it been tryed,but there no reason why not. you probably will need to split the track into sections,and the join all tracks at later stages.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate. I see a version has been converted but wasnt sure how much things have advanced since that was made. For now i hav made a path with google earth. Maybe I should start with something smaller to get used to BTB first of all. lol
  4. The current course is going to be within about 1km of working or not working. Generally if you can fit it into a 10km radius circle it should work barring issues with limits on track sections/polygons. If you've got a path just do a quick import export and see what happens.
  5. Good news for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I found this:


    Brought that into BTB.

    Using the default road section I exported, and crashed BTB.

    So I made duplicates of the track and clipped down into 5 divisions (basic work around for the missing track split function). Moved the track center to somewhere closer to center. Exported just fine.

    I full well expected not to see the hairpin as that is outside of the 10km radius. 22 minutes later I made a lap. Slow, yeah I know. I had a bunch of slide off/resets, and the skoda I was testing with is gearing limited to 125 mph.
  6. Great news mate, sounds like you really know what your doing. SO did you make that path or just find it?

    Im guessing that when I make one id have to follow each corner more accurately. Also do you join the start and finish points cos when I didnt last night after making 37mile long path , it wouldnt import to BTB.

    More reading and tutorials needed for me.lol :wink2:
  7. lordpantsington, if you could give any more help into getting the basic track started that would be great. im a total beginner at this so clipping down tracks i may need some help with.

  8. Found the path, and while it gives the basic layout, I think it is missing some detail. On that path the start and finish are not joined. Just make sure you import as the correct type.

    Once you import go to the "Edit/switch active tracks" button, and copy your import multiple times. I suggest keeping the original as a clean copy, so turn it's visibility off. Select one of your copies, make it active, then switch to "Move node and control points" button, and start deleting nodes until that copy's length gets down to a manageable size (I suggest 1000m). Just keep stepping through the tracks deleting the appropriate nodes until you complete the loop.