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I have a few questions racer

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by djgraf, May 15, 2010.

  1. 1. When I starting play to versions 0.88 that goes ok, but when I press play, that flies this error: http://set-games.ucoz.ru/_fr/1/0617886.jpg

    2. Whether it is possible as that to add in game music?
    Well when you go for a drive, that music played

    3. I Russian and I do game on this cursor!
    And I would like to make game in Russian!
    But when I have translated all and I come into game to me shows it: 741984499.jpg
    How it to correct?
    Whether it is possible to change the coding?

    4. Whether it is possible to add people in game?
    That people on streets went?

    5. Last while question:
    Whether it is possible to put on map objects from 3dmax?
    Well for example: whether on map it is possible to put building?[​IMG]
  2. Gonna answer what i know....

    1- Which config has your pc? setup

    2- What is wrong to play music in winamp or media player while you race or ride?

    3- Dont know.

    4- Not yet. Hope one day we can have inteligent people like TDU, and intelligent traffic like tdu or 18 wos in road tracks. At racing tracks dont need it.

    5- You need convert to max file, or ase, import in zmod, set the textures up, and add in track. I cant say anymore cause i never did it.
  3. 1. Возможно твоя видеокарта не поддерживает шейдеры третьей версии SM 3.0, скачай последнюю non-CG версию
    2. Музыку в игре сделать можно, для этого надо сделать следующее: открой racer.ini, найди строчку race и добавь туда song1="твое название файла".mp3 и положи этот файл в папку music, соответсвенно дальше можно добавить song2, song3 и так далее...
    3. Русский язык сделать можно, но очень сложно, так как шрифт используемый в игре не поддерживает кириллицу (надо добавить в этот шрифт кириллические символы), HO MO}|{HO /7|/|CATb BOT TAK ;)
    4. На настоящий момент игра не поддерживает пешеходов, анимированные объекты только-только начинают разрабытываться Руудом, но и в последующих версиях Racer'a не стоит ждать людей на улице, все-таки это автосимулятор.
    5. С помощью программы Zmodeller можно переконвертировать объекты созданные в 3dmax в формат Racer'a - *.dof

    На карту можно поместить здание, но как это сделать я не знаю, так как не разработчик трасс, но думаю здание помещается при помощи редактора трасс для Racer'a.

    bad english language
    1. Probably your videocard don't support SM 3.0. You can download latest non-CG version of Racer
    2. For music in gameplay: open racer.ini, find line "racer" and add song1="your name of file".mp3. "your name of file".mp3 put to a folder "music". Also, you can add song2, song3,...
    3. Racer's font don't support cyrillic alphabet, but it is possible to write words of russian language, letters of english language. For example: HO MO}|{HO /7|/|CATb BOT TAK (but it is possible to write so)
    4. Racer does not support animated people, maybe in future Ruud will add animated people, but is improbable because Racer it is autosimulator.
    5. Zmodeller can convert almost any 3d files.

    To place a building on a map it is possible with the help track editor for Racer
  4. спасибо!
  5. Пожалуйста, на английском языке.
  6. I have another question!
    Can I make a video scene before the race?
    as in need for speed?
    well, such is video where there is little plot and then begins the race!
  7. Open Racer.ini and find
    ; Background movie (leave empty for none)
    bgr="your name of video.avi"
    And put this video in a folder Racer
  8. wow, never mind it! gonna try! thanks
  9. You can put objects, buildings, trees, people, etc. if made in a 3D grphics program such as Zmod, 3DS Max or Blender.
    The object needs to be made in the proper x,y,z location, typically 0,0,0 and located with modeler on the track desired.
    I put a deer on a track once that way, can't remeber what track, damn senior moment!
  10. Hello everyone,

    while we are at asking questions about Racer, I might have few. I am pretty new to the whole thing, basically couple months ago I was looking for some free car games/simulations for my preschool boy and that is how I came across Racer. My boy loves it, and I got hooked. So, I wouldn't mind to know:

    1. For the cars that have fog lights feature, how do you turn them on?

    2. How to make AI line visible during a race in the Racer 0.8.8?

    3. I noticed in some car files images for the engine compartments. Why is that? Is it possible to "open the hood"?

    4. On my boy's computer, in non-cg Racer, when button "B" is pressed it engages the parking brake. With the cg Racer on my computer, that feature doesn't work. Is it possible to enable it in the Racer 0.8.8?

    5. Lastly, I am aware of the list from racer.nl which explains controls in the Racer, but is there a "cheat sheet" of obscure Racer commands that somebody could provide (eg. "H" honks the horn, "B" engages the parking brake, etc)?

    That's it, and if somebody could help me, that would be great.

    For all the people that create cars and tracks, I am impressed at the level of knowledge and all the effort that goes into it
  11. 1. Well to put it simply, there's only lights (default is "L" to turn them on)

    2. Not sure off the top of my head, ai_lines on would be my guess in the console

    3. This is because some people decided upon having the engine that detailed, no real reason though.

    4. if by "parking brake" you mean the handbrake, that should be defaulted to the spacebar. But look up in your options > controls in the main menu of Racer to see what its set as

    5. No cheat sheet as far as I know. I can tell you F1 can display race data, or make it go away. F4 can remove the mirror, or just make it on the car. F6 can get rid of the map, F5 can enable and disable all the driving aids. ctrl +1-0 displays debug data, ctrl + f can remove or display the fps counter, ctrl + g can display or remove the gear indictor, and ctrl + v can display or remove on screen gauges.

    and the data use content creators have to know, I don't feel is that much, to me most of it just seems like common sense now lol. but to someone new, it might be a lot more because you have to learn it all.
  12. Good job harey!

    in case you wonder, yeah its cobra289.... :)
  13. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yay! He returns!! Welcome back mate :)
  14. he returns:good: :)
  15. you are welcome, kevin
  16. Thank you for your help Harey. I appreciate your answers and my handbrake is working
  17. Thanks guys, it's good to be here...I missed everyone one here, and to make up for lost time-I grabbed the little C-10 and the '70 Firebird.
    I hadn't done too much aside from perfecting-or perfu_king my Bullitt. I was getting the steering better, and then I saw an "ff_factor=1" in an .ini (Ferrari F-430)...anyway I had started all over again. So after months of that, I got it right-lol!
    I just have to apply it to my V3 Bullitt, and release it on here soon. Also, anyone from "The Faster Lane" have the 3.ds files to convert??? I forget who I gave them to but I think my Saleen was in there. Anyway I'd like to know if anything good happened there as I have an .ini for it.
    OOPS! I forgot... I hassled into the thread and rambled on seriously OFF TOPIC!!! I apologize!! I guess some things from RSC still live on-lol!
  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Haha, well it's nice to have you back. With you leaving and the loss of RSC "The Faster Lane" kinda just disappeared for a while, but I was hoping you would return so we can start up again and hopefully do a better job, lol. I don't think it was me you gave the 3ds files to.. hmm..

    I think I'll carry on in PMs to stop spamming this thread with OT posts xD
  19. Well, i thought it were GTA: SA or VC or some game...lol!