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I did not expect to like it so much <3

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Vladimir Antic, May 15, 2015.

  1. I didnt belive the hype, barley whatched the trailers, i thought the grafics look very good and was planing on buying it, but i didnt expect it to be this good!

    Im serius, i really love it! Hope the devs read this becuse they deserve the praise.

    I feel on top of things in this game, thats the biggest diffrence betweend pCars and the others.
    Things feel like they are happening under me. The others make me feel like im behing the gameplay somehow, but in pCars im om top, and if i slide, i can correct. Not a big deal and so natural. You drive with intuition and get rewarded for it. Fantastic!

    Also im racing wiit AI, not just trying to survive like i feel i do in other sims. Im racing, trying harder , and having fun doing it! I have missed that feeling of racing so much, and i didnt even know it was missing till i played pCars.

    So yeah im very happy with the game, im in love acctually. I even think the FFB is good once i got used to it. Its more direct, and also gives that on top of things feeling. If i just find a fix for getting FFB to work on strights so i can feel bumps il be euphoric :)

    So i just wanted to share the love. Hope you al enjoying this as much as i am.
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  2. MentalTM

    Premium Member

    Im still currently racing the karts in career mode, fantastic fun with the wheel
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  3. The best part for me is that I can "feel" what the car is doing underneath me. I can feel the loss of grip immediately, which means I can make steering corrections quicker. I'm also getting better at setups. I clocked a personal best at The Glen in the Audi R8 GT3. Prior to that, my personal best was 1.5 seconds slower. That's still more than two seconds slower than the Aliens, but it is progress. I really enjoy this game.
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  4. I'm in the same boat, Buddy. I am really loving it despite some of the bugs that should be expected in any new piece of software. Especially something as complex as this. I am so looking forward to my first Endurance race in this with some day/night transition and weather changes thrown in. It's going to be awesome. Hope to see you on track, Swagg.

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  5. yeah the game is good, ireally enjoy it,they did there homework ask the hardcore sim racer what they like,fantastic game ,just wish they had add paul ricard to the tracks.great track for these type of cars
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  6. Me too. And I played more Assetto Corsa today, because I don't like the Multiplayer till now. The FFB in the straights are so awesome, but with my cars I now where to brake and even drunken I can race the Nordschleife better than most others after spending >260 hours in AC. In PCars it isn't that so easy. The breaks are cold in the beginning, between they are perfect, heat up during races and go bad again. If you get even a very little fog during career, your soft slicks don't work like the lap before. Every lap you have to adjust to new circumstances which I find more challenging and a better simulation than the very little changes in AC due to tyre wear (which I also like most in PCars).
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  7. Agreed Anindo, conditions change lap to lap and having to adjust is another part of the simulation in and of itself. Very cool.
  8. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    I am a RF2 fanboy, and I only took the plunge on PCars at the last minute when I found a cheap deal. There a few frustrations like most games/sims but I am enjoying it so much. I am a offline player at the moment and Pcars gives me that more than any of the others.

    Really enjoying it, more than I ever thought I would.
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  9. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken
    Premium Member

    I don't know what it is ..we all see and race on the same tracks in all these deferent sim's, some how they just seem alive in Pcars ,maybe its the lighting dynamics of the game ?
    ..the sense of speed is also way better in this sim .Its almost like time excel is up a little :sneaky:

    Simply it just LOOKS like your hauling ass when you ARE hauling ass lol ..

    I had a league event in AC , the BMW-irace at nurberg sprint- 30 min 95%grip increasing as we go, great car, great combo, I love this car in AC ,so for kicks I decided to set Pcars up as close to that race as I could as they each have Nuburg sprint,

    I took the BMW M30 not the same car but pretty close , in Pcars , same track , the way the cars appear on track looks spot on ,Just as they should , it's very believable , .. the door to door racing is intense !, plus the sound's add a lot ,to me they are really good .. but the biggest thing I noticed was the sense of speed !
    lap times were within 1 second for each sim, however the pcars race was crazy exciting with an intense pace and lots of door to door action , while the AC race felt slow and sluggish ??? vrs 17 other human drivers in AC I felt more like I was racing to keep the car balanced and 'on track' rather than racing the other drivers for the win i .. It was still fun but.. I don't know how to explain it, the cars felt slower ? not like speed wise but the whole experience seemed slowed down, like the games are running at deferent speeds when compared one after the other ... ,. I remember wanting the AC race to hurry up and end ..lol sheesh ??

    Vladimir said it perfectly in the OP ,you feel in control and on top in Pcars , not at the mercy of the cars, like in some sims that can stress you out trying to find grip !.. :confused:
    and it feels extremely realistic to me ! lol as does driving the cars in AC & RF2 (that still has the best FFB feel & psyx to me), That said the thrill of racing is there in pcars and it's extremely fun ...

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  10. " in AC I felt more like I was racing to keep the car balanced and 'on track' rather than racing the other drivers for the win i .."

    yes, that is precisly what i mean :) Thats how its for me to in the other sims.
    But not in pCars, here its al about the racing :)
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  11. Pcars is really beautiful and there is no doubt about that! The career is outstanding and very enjoyable! My only complaint about the career is the incapacity of the AI to change tyres when it starts raining... They continue to run the same way and with the same laptimes as on dry----- what can we do about it?
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  12. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    Completely agree!

    I wondered what the point was, I already have AC, GSCE, Race 07, R3E and others, I thought I didn't need anymore. Oh how wrong I was. I've actually started racing more over hotlapping as I'm *really* liking the AI too! They still do a few dumb things, but much better than other sims IMHO.

    I think I owe SMS a huge apology. I did doubt them but they've made a fantastic sim, even if I am still slightly pissed that it's a year late ;) :p
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  13. Definitly sounds like a bug, to bad its still there the delays but im sure they will fix it.

    I havnt experienced that becuse only tried rain once, i race on good and overcast mostly becuse I injoy the lighting from dose presets.
  14. Yeah, I've been busy with wedding stuff the last few days. Getting married tomorrow. So not much racing for me.:(
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  15. Congrats Swagg. All the best to you and your Bride!
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  16. It is a known bug. I don't know when or how it will get fixed but hopefully soon. It's been reported several times and apparently it's not a simple fix.

    There are a lot of unresolved issues in pCars still.. it's definitely not a "clean" release at all. I just hope SMS keeps updating the game and stick around for the long haul (that's what they have promised).
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  17. That's awesome! Congratulations!
  18. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    Speaking of bugs, has anyone else noticed that the Ford Escort Mk1 RS1600 keeps pulling to the right under acceleration? I've checked the tyre pressures & suspension just in case it was a bad setup I've made, but all that stuff seems hunky dory. Not sure what it is now.
  19. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Congrats on the day mate. !!!!

    Also once u dial in the ffb pcars does comes into its own.

    Granted its a long process to get right.but this is as good as the gmotor Sims imo when done right.
  20. lionofjudah72

    Premium Member

    Hey Gents,

    Yes the rain thing is definitely an issue, in career mode it cost me big time, the AI pump at the same speed as when it is dry, can't keep up with no assets and on 100% AI adjustment. But we will keep trying till a patch is released for it.

    Otherwise this game is a winner
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