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I am a pro driver, are you?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by William Nowell, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Well this is the second season that I got paid for racing on iracing, does that make a me a pro driver? I told my wife that it does and that I have to practice every night to keep my edge:wink:. She didn't go for it since I gave iracing more money then they gave me back. Never the less I consider myself a pro, a slow pro but still a pro. What about you did you make any money this season and if so do you consider yourself a pro driver? Even the guy in the back of the grid in a pro race gets paid, I will be that guy:tongue:. Since I am a pro, I think I need some pro equipment, like some sim racing boots and maybe some gloves, I'll talk to my agent(wifey) about putting that in the contract for next season.

    On a side note I am very please to see the iracing section of racedepartment growing, I think it has a lot to do with Will Marquez and Kevins Watts efforts in creating the mx5 club/championship series. Thanks a bunch guys.
  2. Here, Here! or is it "Hear, Hear!,

    Har, Har?

    Not getting paid here. I've got sim racing ADD. Can't focus on any series long enough to earn any dough. Could be I'm participating in 3 different leagues already (including our MX5 league).
  3. I here, hear, har you Glenn. I think I have too many cars and can't get good at any one of them. I thought my odds would be better but I guess not. At least I have narrowed it down to one sim.
  4. Getting paid??? Who pays you??
  5. You guys are what make the MX-5 series here on RD along with the interest that we've gotten within this forum the past few months. Without the support from a great community here this wouldn't be possible, so the thanks should go to you guys. Much appreciated for the nice words, makes this league that Kevin and myself organized for you guys that much more enjoyable! :)

    IMO, I enjoy racing with fellow RDers within iRacing. Things do happen on the track from time to time. But I don't know how to describe it, but racing door to door I know that both drivers are going to give room. Now in an official iRacing race I'm definitely more cautious. That's why I enjoy our club events and league races that we have.

    Didn't nearly get to race as much as I wanted to this season. Participated in 2 out of 8 races in the Star Mazda. So no pro driver bonus for me hehe.
  6. yeah buddy, I'm pro and getting paid too... You should see the new sponsors I just got after they saw our little F1 fun race. They are covering all expenses and everything. The companies are "yeahright cleaners", "bellyflop car rentals", and "blowing smoke reality"...
  7. That's a good one.:funnypost:
  8. Well William, I found RD by chance and came from F1 2010 on the playstation. Came from pc Grand Prix 4. Started to look at the forums here and became a member. Joined some F1 2010 races then the organsier left to do something else and I started to read the IR forum and came across you lot! :D

    Saw the Williams simulator man on something saying that the iracing FW31 was like having his work toy at home... mmm mmm Had to have it.

    Thought about it for a while, know nada about pc's except for work, and picked up a 3 monitor system from the for sale adds here. Dude came over and installed the system for me. Best thing I have purchased for a very long time... :wink:

    Joined Iracing immediately. Loved it from the moment I left the pits.
    Saw Will's thread about the mx5 league and joined...
    So far had the best 3 fun races of my sim racing career EVER!

    Finaly, people who give you room. People who dont overtake unless there is possibility to pass and not hit you. Top Banana!

    I've not played anything else since... ps3 is gathering dust. :)

    Cant get enough of it, just need to find more time.... dreaming of it.... sad huh?

    Thanks for all of it Guys. Gonna be overtaking you soon... :tongue:

  9. Talking about the participation credits that iracing pays out.

    lol, I try to make my rounds. I'm glad you came across us here. My story is similar to yours, I was a die hard FPS pc guy for last 10 years. Decided to give the ps3 a chance since it seemed like I was having to upgrade my pc more and more often. I brought NFS Shift with it and started playing around with that, 1 months later I brought a DFGT wheel, this is when the wife started looking at me funny. I got really annoyed with the online racing on the ps3 and the systems limited ability and switch back to the pc with the race on series here on RD. Came across iracing last year and have not looked back, the kids have added the ps3 to their collection of game systems.
  10. You now whats funny? I haven't owned a console systems since the Super Nintendo... hahaha I love my mouse and keyboard to much, and those little controllers hate my hands. Well I take that back, my wife and I bought a Xbox to play Baulder's Gate together. Once we beat it we sold it... lol I was big into the first person shooters as well as the role playing type games. My wife and I played WoW, Aion, and Lotro together. We tried FFXIV online and that was a MASSIVE flop. Now I would rather spend my $12 a month on this instead of those games...
  11. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    [Shameless of topic]
    Ive came to find RD through rFactor/Arca back in '08 Been on and of simracing the past 3 years.
    But every time i start to play a race game i come back here. Did it with F1 game and had some fun races with fellow RD'ers, but the game was just flawed in to many way's.
    So quickly back to iracing....(iam staying now) and then seeing one of RD's quitest forums bloom to live is just awesome!
    Thank you all, i really look forward after a days work reading al the stuff posted :) Just the best place on the net for us race gamers/simmers. And alot friendlier then iracings board.
    [/Shameless of topic]

    And no pro here either :( maybe next season i can sweeze enough races in but i doubt it)
  12. Yes PC gaming will always be better the consoles. I have an Xbox 360, but prefer PC gaming over it. Reason number one: PC games have more content, and they are often easily moded. In the case of FPS your reaction times are super human compared too consoles. I love all the doomsayers and console fanboys that say PC gaming is dead. The only reason so many people flock to consoles is they a cheaper if you buy games used. Also you don't have to worry if your console is up to spec. In fact you only need to know what the name of your console is. So even if you are a complete idiot when it come to technology consoles are a no brainier. Being a PC gamer you need at least know what your specs are, and understand what they mean. Also being able to solve minor technical problems is a very necessary skill.
  13. I would loved to be a pro in iracing........ I have the experiance (been online racing since the NASCAR 03 days) but I don't have the skills atm, but I have come a long way from the NR2003 days.
  14. Ummmmm.....

    Not Pro

    Barely Amateur

    More of a hack, really....
  15. Just to continue the theme.......

    I certainly ain't no podium hogger, more a midfield dawdler, lol. I race to have fun with others, have a bit of competition and see how I do. If I do well - bonus. If I suck, then that's more the norm, lol.

    Have always had a preference for racing and golf games on PC/console, as the FPS games tend to give me motion sickness (Half-Life 2 set it off). With driving games, I don't get no trouble. Have played/tried most of the offerings from the past 20 or so years.

    Currently have various titles for PS3, and on the PC just iRacing, GTR2, TDU, F1 2010 and RBR currently installed, along with Links 2003 (golf). Have TDU2 and Shift Unleashed 2 pre-ordered for PC.

    Came across RD when playing GTr2 online last year. Was browsing the lobby and saw a series/track combo that took my fancy and it was an open server, so jumped in. A few of the guys in there mentioned the site and the rest is history, as they say. Been members of other race sites in the past, but RD has by far the most comprehensive coverage of the genre and offers just about everything a racer could need.

    More power to its elbow. RD is where its at if you are a cyber racing connoisseur.

  16. I'm a looonnng way from Pro! But I was winning a rookie MX-5 race today and with 3 laps to go, iRacing crashed to desktop. When I rejoined I was 10th :( . I'll keep plugging away though and maybe in a few years, I'll make it to Pro (yeah right!).
  17. Unlucky on the CTD John.

    Hang on in there bud, with perseverance, it will all come together.
  18. Yea, I'm Pro...NOT!!!

    Maybe semi-pro...sometimes :)

    You're right about the MX5 series here though, that is what got me here. It was posted on avforum in the game section so I had to check it out and I will sign up for the next one.

    /slopes off to be a pro...