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PC Huracan GT3 steering lock

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Erg, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Erg


    I have a problem with the new Huracan GT3. All other cars are almost %100 compaitable with my wheel (DFGT) but Huracan is not. I rotate the wheel 90 degrees and I take the same reaction on other cars but Huracan only rotates 50-60 degrees (maybe less). I can't even get out of the Nordscheliefe pits without going backwards 2-3 times :confused:. So, also driving it on road is a bad experience I rotate the wheel way too much...

    There should be a solution except setting up my logitech profiler everytime I take Huracan. Any idea?
  2. DFGT has 900º, so pretty much all cars will work. 900 in logitech and 900 in game under steering axis setting. Then the steering lock with be correct, because you set as many degrees as your wheel does. If you want lower rotation degrees, you still need to match both values from logitech and game controls.

    The huracan gt3 has 360º steering wheel rotation all around, 180 from center to right or left. So is important to match degrees in logitech and game controls, to have the correct steering ratio.
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  3. The Huracan has 10 degrees of lock on it's wheels, that'll explain the rubbish turning at Tourist.
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  4. Erg


    Thanks. Looks like I had 900 for profiler and 40 for in game setting. I increased in game axis to 900 and now it's a bit sensitive (especially for other cars) but not that bad. Maybe this is the normal reaction I should get from the cars and it'll take sometime to get used to new setting. Still need to go backwards at Tourist pits with Huracan like John says but it's better than before at least.