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Hungary Tyre Problems

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Alphasignal5, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Okay so in my career I've got to Hungary, topped the times on all 3 practices and secured pole, I've only used one set of tyres during all quali sessions so I've got 4 sets of Prime and 2 sets of Options in perfect condition.
    Now here's the problem: During the subsequent race I come in to the pits for my 3rd stop (4-stop strategy) and they go and fit completely worn-out Primes to my car! Obviously this completely ruined my race, tried coming in to the pits to get primes again and the same thing happened. Do you only get 2 fresh sets of primes for the race or something?
  2. As soon as you started the race session when you're sitting in the pits, did you actually check the tires page to see you had 4 sets of prime tires? My guess is that you did not. I don't remember if it was Hungary but this happened to me too. Restart the race and check the tires section to see how many tires you actually have. And change the race strategy. I recall having to change primes to options. And after that, I altered the race strategy on every race as I realized its importance.
  3. For Quali and race you have only 3 set of options and 3 set of prime.
  4. I tried to check just before the race but it won't let you select any tyres (as you've got to start on the set you set your fastest lap with). I checked in Q3 and I had 4 unused sets of prime and 2 unused of option. I reduced the race distance in the end so I only had to pit once, this averted the problem but obviously didn't get to the bottom of it.
  5. You obviously can't change the tire you start the race with, but you can change the tires you put on rest of your pit stop in Race Strategy option. It's the bottom selection on tires page just before the race.
  6. i KNEW this would happen. the reason is Hungary is the ONLY track in the calender where you have the super softs as OPTIONS and softs as PRIME. so be careful, both tires are the soft compound tyres.
  7. Monaco does as well
  8. So does Canada...
  9. So does Singapore....
  10. Ha ha
  11. I've had this happen before as well and someone reported this as a bug. If you have 3 sets of same tyre in a row you get this bug, eg option, option, option. The workaround is to change your pit strategy to prevent 3 in a row, so option, prime, option instead
  12. Ah, ok, thanks Plucka!