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PC How well supported is rumble feedback for XBox One Controller in AC?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Metalogic, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    Hi - I'm pretty new to racing sims, but have been getting into RaceRoom Racing Experience recently, which I've been enjoying a lot. One problem with it, though, is that it doesn't support the Xbox One Controller very well, there is no official controller profile for it, and there is no rumble feedback support for it at all - not just no Impulse Trigger rumbles, which very few PC games seem to support (I doubt AC does either, but would be delighted to be proved wrong), but no rumbles in the hand grips either. Sector 3 says they won't officially support the XBox One Controller until Microsoft sort out some driver issues, which doesn't seem to be happening any time soon...

    RaceRoom does support rumble feedback for the XBox 360 controller, and the "slip effect" rumbles are very useful indeed, as give you some indication of when you're starting to lose grip when cornering before any of the audio queues (which you only tend to get when it's almost too late to do anything about it), but the thumb sticks on the XBox 360 controller seem to be much less accurate, so steering is much more jerky than with the XBox One controller.

    Does Assetto Corsa fully support rumble feedback with the XBox One controller and, if so, does this work for both wired and wireless connections? Also, is there any support for the Impulse Trigger rumble motors yet?

    Assuming AC does support rumble on the XBox One controller, what sort of rumble feedback does it provide? If support for the XBox One controller is good in AC, I might give it a go...

    I actually have an XBox One Elite controller, which has paddles underneath that can be used for gear-shifting etc. and a choice of thumbstick lengths, the longer ones help a little with control over steering.

    BTW I would love a wheel and could afford one, but just don't have space to have one setup in my current environment, sadly.
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  2. Metalogic

    Premium Member

  3. AC works very well with an Xbox 360 controller I can confirm.
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  4. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    Sure, but what about the XBox One controller? The 360 controller is supported well in Raceroom too, but the lack of precision from the thumbsticks compared to the XBox One controller is starting to get annoying....
  5. From what I remember back in the time xbox one controller received support to work on Windows, they made it compatible by using xbox 360 drivers. Which means the xb1 gamepad has the same functions and vibrations as x360 gamepad. I don't think it has support for triggers vibration yet, on PC.
    The only way for this to evolve is if Microsoft decides to expand to the full support of the xbox one controller on Windows with Forza 6 for PC, as it works on the console.
    For me 50% vibration in AC settings is good, for the times I use the gamepad to quickly try some cars without needing to mount the wheel.
  6. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    But some PC titles (but no racing sims, as far as I'm aware) do already support the Impulse Triggers on PC...
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  7. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium Member

  8. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves
    Premium Member

    The only rumble I've felt is just a basic engine rumble coming from the controller body that doesn't give much if any feedback. Definitely nothing coming from the triggers though, that's for sure.

    That said, it's still enjoyable to drive even with the lackluster rumble support.
  9. I can't add much to the long post I've made in the past in the AC forum, and that's been linked back by the OP. The tl:dr is that the feedback is worse (less discernible) than on a x360, so unless you set it to a very low level like 16%, it clips a lot and the engine rpm will overlap everything because it reacts differently to the same sine waves. It's like it needs less energy to start working, but clips way sooner.
    Also, it makes a quite annoying electric motor sound. On the other hand, the smoother analogue direction stick and longer trigger throw makes a big difference.
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  10. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    So no "slip" feedback to indicate when your starting to lose traction with the XBox One controller? Does the 360 controller have this in AC? Raceroom Racing Experience has this for the XBox 360 controller and it's incredibly useful, though as I said there is no rumble at all with the XBox One controller on that sim.
  11. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    Yes, the smoother, more accurate sticks and longer trigger throw on the XBox One controller are the main reason I want to use it (that and the different stick length options on the XBox One Elite controller, and the paddles), but the lack of any rumble feedback in R3E makes it harder to know what the car is doing. It doesn't sound like the rumble support is that great in AC either, though, for the XBox One controller :(
  12. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves
    Premium Member

    Yeah, I've tried playing with the settings since seeing this post of yours, and haven't felt any slip feedback. And I can't comment on the 360 controller as I don't own one, sorry.

    Though seeing as they're releasing the game on both consoles, I wouldn't be surprised to see the rumble get some love on PC in the future around the release.
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  13. Seeing Forza Apex has the trigger feedback working fine on the PC yet is a Windows 10 exclusive I'm inclined to think this issue has to do with Microsoft requirements.

    It is a shame though, having a bit of tactile feedback for when you're overloading the front wheels and the back spinning out adds a great deal of driving fun.

    I've noticed a lack of good gamepad FFB in other games also; Milestone has implemented it fairly well in their biking games. There if you're braking with the front and turning in you get subtle cues for when you're about to fall down... very helpfull.

    I'm hoping that with increasing popularity (?) of Windows 10 and the release on Xbox One things will become sorted eventually, shame it doesn't seem to be a priority.
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