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How was your Petite Petite Le Mans?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Amjed Yamin, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. For those of you who participated in today's Petite Petite Le Mans event, how was your race?

    I was in the 2nd split and started 3rd in class driving the Ford GT. Right from the word "Go", I was bitten by the traffic bug. Lost a position early when a couple of cars from the faster classes screwed up my momentum, but I got the position back due to normal FGT attrition. Everything was okay until my pit stop. Pitted early mostly due to track position (and after missing the final chicane). In the middle of my 2nd stint while in 3rd in class, I had a crazy snap oversteer spin coming on to the backstraight which dropped me to 4th. That's where everything went to hell in a hand basket. I was pushing hard to get the podium back, but the HPD and Corvette drivers went into divebomb mode. I'd gain a little bit of time, but then some impatient dude would stick their nose in key turns (T1, T4, T7, T11-12). It was literally one step forward, two steps back during the last half-hour. I ended up finishing in 4th in class. Oh well... this was my first race going over 60 minutes and I had a lot of fun. It definitely was a challenge, and I'm happy to be able to finish on the lead lap in class.
  2. 4th split, quite clean, was running Vette (which I almost never drive) ended mid pack, 6th, love those longer races because nobody is crazy on lap 1 and poeple are there to finish the race, saw three wide plenty of time, great fun for me!

    edit: nobody kicked me but I managed to spin going out from pistop, not first time on this track LOL
  3. I was in the 4th split, started second on in class in the Ford GT...I was hoping for a good battle with the pole sitter and P3 as we were all within a couple of tenths of each other. However, the flag dropped and I lead the race from lap one till the finish, I guess the rest of my class got caught up in traffic because I ended up winning my class by a lap. There were some interesting moments in traffic, not too many, but enough.
  4. I was running a Vette, had pole for my class in my split. However I lead for 30+ laps with a pretty good lead... LMP's were crazy and divebombing in my split though. Started to lap Vettes and one spun in front of me. It was downhill from there to say the least. I finally tossed my hands up and said I've lost as much SR as I'm going too... lol...
  5. Nice guys.
  6. Ah, that was you. I had just overtaken you on the straight together with a Vette and you went between us at the chicane. Really lucky not to hit anyone.

    I started 8th in the 2nd split with a HPD. I took 7th at the start and two more positions due to other HPD's missing top speed. Drove incident free until lap 15 or so. A Ford spun at the exit of the chicane and i was behind a Vette entering the chicane. The Vette must have been focused on me because he hit the Ford very hard when there was plenty of time to respond. This was happing about 15 meters in front of me so i went wide onto the sand to avoid the Vette but he got in front of my nose anyway. Got a 4x but no damage. Lost about 10s or so.
    After that i didn't really have any real battles and finished 4th. 8 seconds behind 3rd. If only....
  7. Yea Dennis... It was me. :frown:
    I knew when I hit the brakes I wasn't going to make the turn, so I went into "ditch-the-car-without-taking-anyone-with-me" mode. Sorry for the scare.