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How to unlock reserved keys

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Freddie Besems, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. How can i unlock the reserved keys in Race07 in the section control settings.

    I want to configure my numpad/keyboard for some other purpose. So i wanna use the 1 to 10 keys but i cant because they are reserved.

    I need these numbers because i want to make a shifter from my wireless numpad using it as an electronic H-shifter.
  2. You can't (at lease no way I know of without serious code-hacking). Those keys are 'reserved' because their functions are hard-coded in the game.
  3. Don't know if this is a plausible workaround so forgive me if I am talking rubbish, if it makes sense to someone and you can elaborate then please feel free to - here is my suggestion -

    You are unable to reassign the reserved keys in game. So, get software that reassigns the NUM Pad keys - I know software exists that makes this possible - I just can't remember what its called, but you should be able to make the NUM Pad keys on your system generate any other key press.

    Anyway you reassign the NUM pad keys on your system to keys that are not reserved in RACE and then you should be able to assign relevant keys in Race to do what you want.

    I hope this is of use to you Freddie.
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    With the numpad keys being mapped hard coded for camera control, I am not sure that using external software to add additional mapping to the keys is such a good idea. Imagine running your race and having your view changed due to hitting your hotkey that also changes the camera orientation or target.
  5. I see where your coming from Jim but what I am talking about is software that changes the key mapping in the OS so a press of the NUM pads keys would not be recognised by the OS let alone the Game as a press of the Hard Coded Keys. I have had a look around and am sure it could be made to work. Here is a page about something I think would do the job, as one of the comments says I think it could be done with registry edits if whoever was editing the registry a) made a backup before beginning and b) was both competent and confident, which I admit I wouldn't be! Also someone mentions AutoHot key in XP as a way of doing this on an XP System.


    Also found this :

  6. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Registry editing is a very extreme way of enabling a few keys for use in just a single game. I personally think that would be somewhat foolhardy, particularly given the damage you could potentially do to your system.

    Are the NumPad keys really that important? I understand that if your keyboard is to the left of your wheel then the NumPad is the closest area, but even so. It just seems like a lot of effort for somewhat little gain.
  7. Such an edit is minor when its to aid the developmeent of a new piece of hardare - who knows if he gets it working we might all be doing it by this time next year... !
  8. David, thx for your input. And links.

    Both programs works in windows. However in the game itself the buttons are still the same as before.

    Meaning in Race07 keys are still reserved.

    And in rFactor most keys are useable (also the Function keys etc) but that is no news. Also noticed that the wireless numpad (logitech) is useable in rFactor. (not in Race07).

    Only problem in rFactor which occurs is that when i assign the numpad numbers in a patron of H-shifter it wont hold the assignment.

    So when putting it in 1st gear it goes directly back to N(eutral). But somewhere in an ini file in rFactor it is maybe to solve.

    So H-shifter on numpad loolks like this for example. 1st (7) 3rd (8) 5th (9) R (dot)

    2nd (1) 4rd (2) 6th (3)

    Anyway hope to find something to solve it.

    Meanwhile i can use the programs to alter my keyboard layout a bit. (so anyway usefull stuff).
  9. OK - hope it works for you Freddie - but just in case it doesn't some more thoughts on ways you could get it to work. Bear in mind I have no idea what your actually using to press the keys so this could well be totally irrelevant to you needs but :
    1) What about modifying some other number pad such as a Nostramo N50 or N52 ? These are effectively a progmammable key pad that come with software allowing any key to be mapped to any button and can sometimes be picked up second hand on ebay, no idea if they would work effectively with Race Series software though.
    2) What about canning (canibalise) a cheap joypad that had a digital (not analogue) D-pad? These generally have 8 input 'buttons' if you first plugged one in and tried mapping specific gears to points on the pad and it worked you could then theoretically come up with a way to make your h-shifter trigger the 'button' points on the innards of the d-pad thereby allowing gear changes to be recognised. Depending on where you mounted trigger points (and your soldering skills) you could actually have it so the signal was sent for the gearchange as your H-shifter went through the H-gate into the gear, rather than once the shifter was all the way in, making for a faster response.

    Again just some ideas out there - and if I keep thinking about this I'm gonna end up pulling the gear stick out of my car, finding and old joypad and soldering iron out and trying to build one myself :) so I'd better stop now!!

    Good luck with the project!
  10. Dave, View attachment 36492

    Still searching for the ini file for making the numpad work.

    About the joypad etc. that kind of things i already done. Demolising one. And yes that works to.

    I also have a leo bodnar bu386x which can do the job. (can make a H-shifter with pushbuttons if i had to)

    But i still wanna try to use my wireless numpad for use ingame.

    It is just that im trying things out and hopefully they are usefull to me.

    (my leo bodnar is now used for several things to do in the games. Pitstops, voting camera's, seat height etc etc.)

    Goal for this is to have a quiet shifting system close to the steering wheel.


    another link with old pictures. it is alreay changed.