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How to setup my laptop

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by dutchgb, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Firstly yeah im a newbie here but i want to say a really Big Thankyou to everyone mods and members for all the upgrades and mods that make this game just a little more playable than a standard install even with the patch

    Im stuck using my laptop to play not ideal i know but the other half hates laptops and prefers the tower so not gonna compette with FaceB or the oncoming wrath from an evenings racing depriving her from those crucial games and friends updates.

    So back to it ive got my IBM t61p with Win 7 x64 T9300/ 6mb L2 cache, duo pro, 4Gb Ram, 250 HD,
    Quadro 570m with 256Mb DDr3 o/c to 625/1250 & mem 1200 and Framerates Avg 35-38 fps but only on Med graphics settings and i got my trusty ps3 pad
    The only problem i have in heavy rain the frame rate drops to around 20-24 FPS is there any thing i could change to help get back to over 30 such as changing Anti Analising etc
    Ive updated to 1.1 Patch and Tyres pirelli mod and BBC Intro, SaveFix (biggest thanks here as fed up of restarting from scratch :)) Tried the Audio Real but removed as couldnt hear the pit crew.
    Im kinda new atm and would appreciate any advise from other laptop users or experts on there setup or fixes
  2. did you install the puddle fix??
  3. No no puddle fix installed as ive read somewhere it kills FPS anyways so decided to aviod that one just the patches mods above installed
  4. Try making your hardware config file in documents read only that gets a few back but make sure of your graphic settings first as if you change them in game it wont save them as the file is set to read only. I also heard and have not tried that doing the same to the replay file in Program Data codemasters folder also gets a couple back.
  5. Well ive being playing with a few things and ive got a 32gb SDHC sandisk extreme, installed a stripped xp pro and game direct to card, changed the quadro 570m to 8600 GT by modding inf file, Loaded back my saved games, loads and runs really fast now. Got my FPS to 25 -27 in the rain so a small result, Hitting Monaco later and 67% change of rain in qually aint looking forward to it.
  6. Good stuff, my gosh you have turned it into Frankenstein's monster with your tweaks, Don't forget to tighten the neck bolt's or it's head will drop off :D Glad you got it running smoother.
  7. Thanks David, These IBM's are just indistructable had about 7 now and wouldnt recomend anything else to anyone can just throw anythin at em and they'll just perform just sometimes game performace needs a little help.
    Just after a wheel now as im stuck on auto shift atm as i just find it to arkward with the pad to manage all the buttons and be comptitive, ive read all the posts about the g25/27 but ive got a limited budget would prefer new but whats the best mainstream wheel for a budding ameateur with pedals that would last with a lead foot ?