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How to set the AI at the right strength

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Billy Pilgrim, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Hi
    I set up the AI at the right strength for my skill so that I can have an exciting race that I can win if I drive to the very best of my ability.

    The trouble is that there seems to be no quick way of determining exactly what % the AI should be set at. And it's different for different cars and different tracks. It can take quite a long time for me to work out what strength the AI should be at.

    Is there an easier way of doing this? Am I missing something?

    How do you work out at what strength the AI should be for your ability?
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    I think it is just trial and error. Not ideal, and I know the guys at Reiza are hoping to have more consistent AI across the tracks, which will help over time.
  3. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    Two options:

    1) Run a test session with 5 AI driver and you can then compare your lap times with their lap times.

    2) Run a test session (5 AI drivers should be enough) and click on Finish Session. You should then see a list of times from the AI.

    Not a perfect solution but it should give you a good indication. Like Andrew says, trial and error but eventually you will get there

    Another thing you can try is Time Acceleration to speed things up. I believe the keyboard command is either Control-T or just T
  4. The problem I have in a championship with the V8's, is that I set it at 94% for the first race, which has a nice spread in terms of cars slightly faster than me, and cars slightly slower than me. When I get to the following races, the 94% difficulty is either way too low or way too high, depending on the track. This is a frustrating aspect, which I see no way around, unless they implement a feature where they "hack" single races into a championship mode wherein you can adjust the percentage per race.

    That, and the scoring table - which they know about - needs fixing. Finished like 4th in the first race of one championship I did, and my name was way down the standings with about 5 points or something.
  5. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

  6. Be wary of Test day times - they are generally much easier than the race event sessions so they do not give a true sense of how you compare to AI.

    Best to use practice session, and if you are in a championship then go to a single race practice session first to see how you compare with AI at that particular circuit.
    Practice Session is harder than any other session (in current version anyway), so you should be working really hard on low fuel to match the AI.
    Once you have found a good (and tough) level in practice session, exit and find the CCH for your championship. Edit the AI difficulty level in there, save, and then go to your championship.

    bit long winded, but it's a good starting point, and not really much trouble if you want to ensure a good challenge.

    There are many other things that are worth taking the time to do, in particular, adding the line RaceQualRatio=(1.02) in the track AIW will ensure that the qualifying is tougher than the race, as it should be.

    All of this relates only to the current version as I believe Reiza are working on balancing the difficulty levels.

    Hope that is some help.
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  7. In my experience, clicking Finish Session displays AI lap times that are significantly faster than anything they were running alongside you.

    If I am ready to, say, end Qualifying and move on to the Race, I will use Time Acceleration instead so that everything stays more true and consistent and so that the AI lap times are not projected or estimated.

    Keith's method above sounds good. I might try it that way and also by running a short Race-only session against a small field.
  8. Melv


    In rFactor one of the things that worked was adding tweaking the below values -


    QualRatio=(1.0300) // Used to adjust AI speed in qual --> I believe these have been tweaked into the value mentioned by @Keith Windsor . But these could still work.
    RaceRatio=(1.0500) // Used to adjust AI speed in race I believe these have been tweaked into the value mentioned by Keith. But these could still work.

    By adjusting the values in bold u can adjust the AI speed per track by keeping the overall difficulty the same for the championship.

    Let me know if this works.
  9. Melv


  10. I always test AI% in a race session with a large number of vehicles and starting from the back of the field and after running an accelerated qualify session to get the AI in the proper grid positions. What I am aiming for is a % where I can just hang onto the back of the field and possibly mix it up with one or two back markers. This gives me room for improvement during championship practice sessions, especially if I am still learning the combo.
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  11. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    We welcome feedback on this type of discrepancy so we can work on reducing it - which car / track combo have you found to perform outside your usual range?

    If you (& others with similar experiences) may please concentrate such feedback in this thread, will make it easier for us to process it.
  12. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I have always asked sim devs for a per track % slider (bever happened yet). It just fixes this problem straightaway. Sector3s adaptive AI works quite well. But I understand that can be hard to program especially for a small team like reiza.
    I set the AI to 100% and just edit the track GDB Mid adjust up or down depending on how fast or slow I am against AI.