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How to save an activation when formating the disk?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bernd Tuxhorn, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. It would helpful to know how to save an activation when it´s necessary to format the harddisk.
    Exist any folder or registry entry which can be saved?
  2. Hi Bernd.
    How are your 14 horses this morning?:wink:

    I don't think it is possible, but I am note a computerist. Registries are a complicated thing...
    You have 3 activations with the game. And perhaps Reiza could give you 4 with a good reason. So, I think you can format your disk...
  3. the horses are well, thanks, but always waiting that I stop racing :rolleyes:

    my issue is, that after 2 weeks of racing online, GSC is "adding extra latençy". My normal ping to brasilian servers is about 50 ms, but ingame the ping reaches 800 until 1500 ms. So racing is impossible. I don´t have other programms running like filesharing or datatransfer.
    I tested rfactor and GTR Evo server connecions without any latency. So I don´t know what to do.
    Any other user outthere with similiar problems?