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How to race the karts?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by poet, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Hi.

    Loving the karts! :cool:
    Been playing them a lot lately, and really enjoying them and the tracks.

    But these AI are killing me. :(
    There's always one or two that are 5-6 seconds a lap faster than me, no matter what I try, and I've put in laps until my arms are almost dropping off.
    In a race I can usually manage a good 3rd or 4th without mistakes, but there's always those 2 AI that are just miles ahead.
    What the hell are they on?

    I have to admit I'm mostly teh_suck at open wheelers (hence trying to learn with karts), but would class myself as an average-to-good simmer in tintops.
    It's hurting my pride seeing 6 seconds per lap slower.

    Anything I can do? Any Karting tips for a tintop nut?
    Or do I have to do a Queen Elsa and just accept that these AI are Ninjas?

    Cheers. :)
  2. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Remember that the AI strength percentage doesn't always carry from one track to the next. So 100% at one track may be more like the equivalent of 90% at another. Now most likely no matter how fast you are there is room to improve, I think that can be said for everyone! However if you are running 120% on a certain track it is possible that they are just running faster than what one could reasonably expect to be able to do. What kart, track, AI strength, AI best times, and your best times?

    A couple things that could possibly help:
    -slow in fast out
    -getting on the gas 5 feet earlier generally saves you more time than braking 5 feet later (i have heard 2x-3x depending on the corner and following track section, also depends on handling and power of vehicle)
    -keep sliding to a minimum especially on corners leading to straights. Especially with the 4 strokes, they are great fun but if they bog down you lose a lot of time
    -minimize steering wheel movement, the one that has the wheel straight more often is more often faster
    -left foot brake and fade from gas into braking, overlapping, and then same back onto the gas
    -I find with the rear only brake to really do 90% of the vast majority of your braking in a straight line for hard braking zones, and then on some it can help to very lightly trail brake into the turn.
    -Be smooth with all inputs
    -Threshold braking right up to and under the point of locking for maximum deceleration
    -race with others online that are almost as fast as you or faster and learn from them
    -try different lines, try different amount of using the kerbs
    -use all of the track. Use every bit in most corners

    Just a couple things to maybe try or consider. I would highly recommend racing here in the gsc racing club on RD. You do need a premium membership, but for me it was well well worth it. Today we are having a kart race in an hour. (18:00 gmt) If you have been on the fence or thinking about it I would suggest at least trying it out for a month, but warning you will be hooked! If you do happen to decide to join the race send me a message a bit earlier and we can hop on a few minutes early and see if we can knock a little time of your laps.


    Edit: Oh, and yes the karts are fantastic. That alone was a big reason for me getting gsc and I think the first month I had gsc they were about the only thing I touched. I have still run more laps in karts than any other vehicles.
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  3. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    From a RD club kart race about a month ago (rental 4 stroke karts)

    Some pictures from a RD club kart race a few weeks ago in the 4 stroke race karts gx390
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  4. Thanks for the in depth and useful post! Much appreciated.

    Found a bit more speed and consistency just thinking about getting back on the power sooner.
    Normally I'd try brake right into the apex, and power on at or just after the apex, and even though I could manage to not slide most of the time, it would still get me occassionally.
    Tried last night instead braking a bit earlier and getting back on full power long before the apex, which the karts can handle fine, seems to minimise any slides and found me a couple of seconds!

    Thanks again. :)
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    @Slalom823 seems to be the karting guru here online so this reply is very much appreciated and valued. Top notch reply m8, thanks a lot!
  6. Mostly sticking to the GX390 Rentals at the moment, and Floripa 1.
    Love that high- speed downhill curves section.

    100% AI.

    EDIT: (had TC left on from something else, heh. :) )/

    My best 1.19.4

    Definitely improving my laptimes braking early and getting on the power early.

    Seems to depend on the AI, some races they screw up the same corners everytime and hand me the win eventually, but other races they're still killing me.
    Same spot too.
    I'm consistently faster in sectors 1 and 2, usually by over a second.
    But sector 3, especially after the last hairpin going up the big uphill towards the last corner, I don't seem to be able to carry as much speed as them going up that hill, so end up losing 2-3 seconds to them there.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  7. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    It sounds like you are probably driving them pretty well from what you describe and around 100%. If you were at 85 I would say there is still more room to grow, and if you were at 110 I would say there is less. I would think it is still very possible to shave off more time but it could be at the point that some sectors the AI will be faster. If you are on full throttle well before the apex and not sliding or anything you may be able to carry more speed into the corner and get on the throttle a little bit later. On turns followed by a long straight taking a later apex to get on the throttle as soon as possible is best. For long fast sweepers you may take a slightly earlier apex. However focus on exit speed first, then entry speed, then mid corner speed. (That's what Ross Bentley recommends in his books speed secrets and it seems to work). One great thing about gsc and other realistic sims is that real racing technique can be applied and practiced in the sim! I like speed secrets by Bentley and watching going faster by skip barber on YouTube is nice too. Have fun and keep trying some different things and knocking tenths of those times! I'm quite glad to here the suggestions were helpful!
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  8. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    That would be a corner that exit speed is of highest priority since it leads to a long straight, so any extra speed coming out saves more time than a similar corner with a shorter straight or into another corner. Pick a marker or kerb or something in the side of the track somewhere 1-3 seconds after the wheel is straight and you have exited the corner. Then pay attention to your speed as you pass it. Don't worry too much about entry speed but carry as much speed as possible out. Try making adjustments and try to carry as much speed as you can out if the turn and past your point. You may want to start with a very late apex going in slow and getting on the gas early, then slowly working the apex earlier which will allow you to carry more entry speed by delay your throttle application. Keep working it earlier until you are running out of room and track on track exit or have to ease up on throttle. Then move the apex just back a bit (a touch later again) and that should be approximately your fastest line. Hope this helps.

    Edit: I remember reading somewhere that reiza mentioned you should have aids like tc and abs off so it doesn't act up and do crazy things in the game. Plus there karts so probably not too realistic even if it didn't act bizarre.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
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  9. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    @poet I ran some laps there myself. I will share my observations with this kart and track. So even at a setting that I was running about the same time or a touch faster than the fastest AI the AI was definitely faster than me coming out of the hairpin into the uphill section. Now I could have improved that sector some but even if I was running a second faster, they would be as fast or a little faster there and then slower in other sectors. So this track has really flat kerbs so I would recommend using them. Generally two wheels inside the white lines is considered the track boundary, so often I would have two wheels on the kerb. The fast chicane on the back side is one area you want to be up on both kerbs. If the kart slides a little into the turns, or into the tight turns that can be okay. Ideally there would be no sliding, but a little on entrance with these karts seemed okay as long as there wasn't sliding on mid corner or exit. Also, not sliding so much I had to countersteer, but more of keeping the wheel slightly turned or straight at most. I also had to brake earlier than I felt like I needed to for the tight hairpin coming uphill halfway through the track. That way you carry more speed onto the fast downhill esses. A 1:19.4 is good, but there is definitely available room to go faster if you keep improving! Also it is a fun combination. I have never tried that track layout before and never had a rental at Floripa. Also gearing the kart the lowest it will go will be helpful.
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  10. Wow.

    Thanks for the all the indepth responses.
    Glad you enjoyed the combo. Seemed a good place to start.

    That never even occurred to me. I thought it was a fixie, heh. :rolleyes:
    That was an extra second right there, Thanks!

    Down to 1.18.1 now, with just lowering the fuel shaving a bit too. I'm not a setup kinda guy, it's one of the last things I'll look at once I'm getting consistent.

    Still having a blast, seems you can take the final hairpin pretty sharp to keep a little more speed going into the uphill, but they're all still a good second or more faster in quali. :mad:
    Win from the back at 100% is pretty simples now though.

    Thanks again. :cool:
  11. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    I am the same with setups that I don't do much, but I do recommend adjusting the fuel and gearing though. Glad to hear you dropped even more time! Now you just need to start racing online in the club events.
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  12. St3fan


    Hi I'm new to GSC and just began to adapt to the game...
    Are all the different drivers' karts different only in color or do they also have other differences?
  13. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    Mechanically, the karts are the same for all drivers, including you. However, AI drivers have different "talent" files that make some of them faster than others, some are more accident-prone, etc. I am pretty sure this is the case for all official SCE content. But some mods (like CART Extreme and the F1 1991 mods) do have different mechanical specs for different cars.