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How To Pronounce My Name Thread

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Jarl Teien, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Just to help other drivers/broadcasters to not embarrass himself :p

    Well... heres mine;

    Name : Jarl Teien
    Pronounced: Yarl Tai Yen
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  2. Now I'm even more confused.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. My name should be pronounced: Di An Kostadi Nov
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  5. My name looks simple to pronounce but half the people who say it get it wrong.

    Jonny Simon: The 'Simon' is said in the French pronunciation like See-mON / Si-mON.

    Here it is in audio if you need it: https://translate.google.com/#en/de/Simon
    If you play the audio in German in google translate the woman says it right. For some reason the French woman they used sounds drunk...

    In my culture/background it's wrong if it's said like 'Symon' (we all laugh at people who say it like that lol) but obviously most English speaking pronunciations are like that especially here in Australia, but yeah I hate it when said like that and it's wrong anyway haha.
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  6. Its funny that I never heard your surname said correctly... Not even in spanish champ :p

    PS: neither mines :(
  7. Name : Shopping Eletronico Snow Schatten
    Pronounced: Snow Schatten*

    Please broadcasters, Shopping Eletronico is our title sponsor, so when you are going to call us in the broadcast, just call us by the team name Snow Schatten
  8. Name : Morgan Morand
    Pronounced : The guy who leaves no room at exit and push you to grass

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  9. Dmitry Za-Har-ov (not Zarahov as someone said in Winter Series broadcast)
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  10. Could be worse guys, could be how I was pronouncing Vicentijevic and Radivojevic last season in WT, that hurt even my feelings as to how bad that was :p
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  11. Dude...hahahhahha

    There you go at 1min 35sec

  12. I've listened to that three times and I'm still not sure who he says is in third place.
  13. Tamas Foth?
  14. Name: Muhammed Patel
    Pronounced: Muhammed Pedal
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