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How to post an apply ?

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Tymoon400, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Hi guys.

    I eventually look about to post an apply on your forum to become a menber .
    I am looking for the right place to post.
    I saw that i have to send an email, but this is the right adress? Racedirector.Prestogp.com ?
    Is an email adress ? it dont look like. And usally on net people send a message that everyone on team can look that s why i am write this message.
    Must i really send an email to this adress : Racedirector.Prestogp.com ?
    Or must i post an email to another adress? (the name of this director maybe?)
    Or maybe i missed the right section of this forum to post an apply?
    I am new on car simulation gaming, i am french that means i am not good to write on english, but i used to play on internet game since a lot of time and i think i can adapted myself . Then i hope i ll get an answer who will tell me How to post for being recruted by your team .

    I dont know the english way to say goodbye then i go on the french way.

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  2. You need to apply for RD license first. Follow the instructions: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/read-this-first.43576/ I'm not sure but i think it's necessary in order for you to join PrestoGP races since we are hosted here (which we all are very thankful, a good host..) You need to anyway change your name and that is handled at the same time as your application is accepted, it's only a formality. Make sure you mention that you're next race would be this wednesday, that may quicken the process.

    Then you need to register here too: http://prestogp.com/ The reason for double registering is that RD hosts the forum and has certain set of rules like real names only and rules about how you behave on track. PrestoGP follows those rules and they are a part of our rulebook, page one if you will.... As a bonus, you get to see your laptimes appear in http://prestogp.com/index.php?view=drivers

    Make sure you read the beginners info too, it has the complete info: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/new-league-members.16320/
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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    hi mate.

    kennett is correct youll need to apply to race department to become a licensed member, just post in the appropriate thread http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/forums/licensed-members.4/ and someone from race department will sort that out.

    once youve done that then you can apply to become a member of presto gp, the email address for the race director is racedirector at prestogp.com( substitute at for @).

    read all the info in the sticky threads and youll find out more about us.
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  4. Sorry David, i edited a bit... Make sure you mention your intention (wow, nice rhyme..) to join our league and that the first race is wednesday, you may get it in time. Forum staff is busy folks so expect at least 24h delay.
  5. Omfg i am pretty sure that i can not be ready to play wenesday but i ll doing what u said and i can w8 a season, anyway i need to learn a thing like how to keep concentration for one hour :) or how to changes the settings that i take on net for my way to drive ect ...
    And of course i ll need a dictionnary to understand all the subtilities of your replys.
    I guess i already register to post here and i register on presto gp page, but i ll read again ur post.
    And thank u all for fast answers
  6. I ll watch for the page u give me but i have a problem, i want to drive car on internet, but i dont want that anyone write my name on google can know that. To protect my private life i never used my name on internet i already give my email adress which contains my name but i ll not post my name every time i post on forum and ect ...
    I am sorry but if it s a sine qua non condition i can t join ur team .
    I dont want to use my real name on video games.
    If i didnt understand, tell me but if i have to sign all my post by my real name is it not possible for me.
    Is it not to have illegal comportment on internet, and actually u can look the other tymoon post on internet, but if my mother, my father, my boss know that i played on internet it s not fun for me particullary my boss who think videogamer are dumbass :)
  7. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Ouch, I don't want to judge about your boss and family but the opinion about video gamers beeing stupid sounds very outdated. ;)

    You can have a look at our Facebook group to get an idea who (and how?) we are.

    In fact we are enjoying a very serious hobby here. Using our real names makes it feel much more friendly and personal. We all take full responsibility for what we do here so we are proud of what PrestoGP is like. :inlove: And everyone can rely on everyone else's awareness on track but also besides the track (considering different nationallities, cultures, languages and charakters).

    Please don't understand this post as an offence to your statement or that I need to defend us. I just like to encourage you to think twice and maybe join us then (of course with your real name;) ) .

    Finally a sarcastic question: Would you try to join a football team using a wrong name to protect your privacy? :p
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  8. I understand your concerns, i was a bit doubtful too. But, sadly, using real names in simracing is a necessary. It reduces accidents on track, a lot. If one wrecks a race on purpose and get banned, you can not just simply make up another alias and continue behaving badly. We need much more trust than in any other game type, you can clown around in FPS or RPG games without others suffering. But in racing, individual behavior on track is directly what we are experiencing..

    Video gaming is a mainstream hobby now.. I think your boss should take a look how the world works these days, non-gamers are soon a minority.. You can't hide your hobby for long, you need to seriously talk about these things with your parents (unless it's somekind of religious thing, i know how mess up that stuff can get..). Especially when we are talking about racing, the most politically correct game type: no one gets killed, robbed or maimed in anyway, it's one of most innocent forms of videogames. Simracing actually teaches you some very good habits when applied to regular road driving: safety, anticipation of things (you generally start to focus on what's going to happen, not what has happened...) and the concept of correct speed. Seriously.. They use simulators here in Finland to teach driving and i wouldn't say that's a stupid thing to do just because it's a videogame.

    edit: damn reik, simultaneous postings..
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  9. Did you know that videogames can delay the onset of Alzheimers disease? It may also restore some of the brain functions by rewiring the brain and exciting neuron pathways [controversial, there are evidence but not real study, yet..].. Videogaming may well be one the answers to long succesful life
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  10. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Ye dont worry Tymoon it wont make you to famous :) only Reik has to where false beard and glasses in public :thumbsup: so hes not hassled by the paparazzi :giggle:
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  11. Ha ha your post are so fun :)
    My mistake is that i have a job for eating and w8ing before i succes an exam to be teacher (in france)
    Eventually i sell swimming pool and the guy before me has a lot of late and absence because of World Of Warcraft .
    When he got me, my boss asked me, u play on internet? ( i ll not said yes i played 5 year on wow) Then now i am a little bit afraid that he discover this.

    If i got my exams (concours in french) it is an exam but whit a number of places limited.
    It won't be a problem. But i ll knew the answer half of july.

    After i ll not have real reason except my paranoia.

    K é v i n L A U D O U A R enjoy my name if u want. :)

    Ps: Greenlaw? Turnbull?, Major?, really? is that real name out of france? look like pseudo ^^
    I have a pseudo that i use sometimes, it is Aquel MANGEMARAY and u know what? Someone as already calling me on my cellphone to speak to him ... then i dont know if i am a paranoïd or just a prudent guy :)
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  12. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    david turnbull is my real name lol no pseudo names here :)
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  13. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Believe me my name is real, even if it's very uncommon in Germany. I'd like to post a copy of my passport to prove it but that's where my paranoia starts to distract me. :rolleyes: :p

    Seems like those Paparazzi hide very well, maybe wearing false beards and glasses too, because I've never seen them. :laugh:
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  14. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Id say its the paranoia for sure :roflmao: Yup real name and im from Scotland, my names is also a small town in the borders :thumbsup:
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  15. As a matter of fact, I notice your name in an episode of Miss Marple recently, she was studying a piece of paper with the names of all the suspects and how they were linked together, and sure enough, one of the names was David Turnbull :) But I don't think you were the killer ;)
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  16. Well u see Turnbull is an aka haha :) ... :cautious:
    Ok lol, then i ll officialy make an apply to be one of you, i don t know if i really have the lvl to play whit u but i ll asking everything i need to know to your race director.
    And i ll w8 for the result of my exams to do that . I ll have my answer for this the 10 July then if i sucess to this exam, (probably actually) I ll give my real Name to the race department.
    And for the people who can w8 to know my name, he his 5 post earlier :)
    I which u the best for ur new season,
    i'll alredy saw some video it look like serious and fun as i like
    But i am sure that i can keep concentration like u for une hour :) this is crazy
    I have a lot of work before playing whit u i guess, and i have to learn to sett or to find a guy who has exactly the same skills as me for driving ( to get his set)
    Anyway i thank u all for your answer, which were precise and friendly, i ll hope to see u again online.
    Maybe i ll try to be a participant of qualify for friday if it s possible, but of course i think i have not yet my place on race ( after some try i am afraid to kill people on track :) )
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  17. Believe me my name is real, even if it's very uncommon in Germany. I'd like to post a copy of my passport to prove it but that's where my paranoia starts to distract me.

    And lol i am more parano than u
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  18. It is pretty strange googling myself these days, thousands of posts comes up when i had kept myself "hidden" for years.. But these days i use three types of personalities, one real name for facebook and RD, then gamer tag for games and random aliases which i don't even remember without LastPass password manager... I believe most here have the same, one of the good things about internet is anonymity, it releases us from inhibitions to some degree.. I still have Ghostery, NoScript and various proxy networks when i'm wearing my tinfoilhat..

    But RD is so "safe for work" enviroment that using a real name is less of a risk. Pretty politically correct since we don't talk politics here at all.. Nothing illegal either or ethically questionable. Most of us are adults, that helps a lot... Think what this place would be with 4channy 13y old trolls...
  19. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    your right, i wasnt the killer, but i know who was........ it was vale in the library with the candlestick. :roflmao:
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