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How to match your steering-wheel rotation with the game

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bram, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    By default GSC is displaying a 270 degrees wheel animation in game. If you like me are using a 540 degrees setup of your wheel you might want to adjust the game to match the in game steering-wheel animation in cockpit and bonnet view with your wheel.
    1. Go to your controller.ini file, located somewhere like the following path where is X is your game drive: X:\Games\GSC2012\UserData\YourName/controller.ini
    2. Open the file and find the following line of code:
      Steering Wheel Range="270" // Degrees of rotation of in-game steering wheel
    3. Replace this with the following where 540 is my actual wheel rotation and save the file:
      Steering Wheel Range="540" // Degrees of rotation of in-game steering wheel
    4. Reboot your game and the in game animation matches your wheel movement
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  2. don't forget to set it in the controller.ini file as well:
    ../GSC/USERDATA/Controller/"your used file".ini
    Line 26: Steering Wheel Range="270" // Degrees of rotation of in-game steering wheel
    Line 26: Steering Wheel Range="540" // Degrees of rotation of in-game steering wheel
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I posted that Reto
  4. nope ... you posted only the "X:\Games\GSC2012\UserData\YourName/controller.ini"
    but the "../GSC2012/USERDATA/Controller/"your used file.ini" needs that modification too ;)
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I didnt modify that file and works fine here
  6. true but modifying both files puts you on the save side if one day you have to reload your saved wheel settings.
  7. Both files as in GSC and GSC2012 installation Reto? ;)
  8. yes Paul
  9. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Dont forget to back up the original file first though guys and gals
  10. Doing a little thread necromancy here, but... I've been playing GSCE for a few months, and this visual desync between the real wheel and the game model hasn't really bothered me much, but today I got curious and decided to fix it.

    The thing is, by changing the in-game control setting to the rotation I'm using (540), the on-screen wheel works fine... that is, until I change the steering lock to the recommended value (from 14 to 22), at which point it's way off again.

    Any updated info on how to improve this? I know it's not a huge issue, but I feel Reiza should do something like Assetto Corsa and automatize the wheel rotation settings. It's always a hassle to change the hardware configuration for rotation, then change the ingame setting, and then change the steering lock setup for each car in each track, and having to still deal with visual desync doesn't help, either.
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  11. My solution, remove wheel. You already have hold of the wheel. So why have another? ;)
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  12. Do you do this even with a 900 degree wheel?
  13. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    With a perfect blend of the right sitting position and the right POV, the on screen wheel need never be seen.
    I totally agree with Andy on this, there is only the need to see one wheel, and that should only be a fleeting glimpse as your eyes should be on the road, not looking down to see what's happening on the dash.
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  14. No idea why people race with 2 wheels in front of them that move. At most, the on-screen wheel should be set to fixed in a mod on a game where the shifter lights are on it.
  15. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    I hate to be "that guy", but come on, people. The question being asked here is "how do I fix the virtual steering wheel so it rotates like my real one?", *not* "should I use a virtual wheel or not?" Those replies are unhelpful and even sound a bit hostile.

    Anyway, takfar, I hope @Reiza Studios can help. What wheel do you have? With my G27, I've never had any issues playing 540 degrees with 22 steering lock.
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  16. I cant get any car to really match perfectly. The V12 being the worst offender.
  17. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    To match your steering rotation with the in-game steering wheel rotation, just make sure your wheel rotation setting in CONTROLS menu matches your controller setting - be that 180, 270, 540, 900 or whatever - if the controller setting and this in-game setting are the same, graphical and controller wheels will be 1:1 in terms of steering position.

    If the controller setting and in-game steering wheel rotation are the same but they are still not aligning all the time or lagging, check that:

    - steering help is switched off;
    - speed sensitivity slider in CONTROLS > CONTROLLER 2 menu is at 0%;
    - your FPS performance is over 60 FPS;
    - VSync is switched off.

    The above covers graphical and controller steering wheel alignment + eliminating steering lag, now for controlling the car you also need to ensure the steering ratio is correct. This is the ratio between your controller steering rotation and in-game steering lock (the maximum angle the front wheels will turn, set from the Garage menu).

    Default steering lock for all cars is 14 degrees, which is suitable for 270º of steering rotation from your controller. You can achieve better & more realistic steering ratio by setting steering rotation & steering lock as below:

    -For the formula cars and the StockV8s, set your controller rotation to 450-540 degrees, and steering lock to 18-24 degrees;

    -For the Camaro, Opala and Mini set steering rotation to 900º, and steering lock to 30-33 degrees;

    -For the karts, set steering to 180º, keeping default steering lock of 16 degrees.

    Keep in mind that the steering rotation that is relevant to steering ratio is from your controller profile - the steering rotation you can set from the CONTROLS menu is just for the graphical steering wheel.

    We are working on introducing automatic steering ratio adjustment for all cars, it won´t be in v1.25 but should be in for the next version. When that comes all you´ll need to do is set your wheel rotation to 900º, in-game steering rotation also to 900º, and the game will take care of adjusting the proper rotation & ratio per car.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
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  18. That´s really great. Thank you.

    And, since you are moving to stream, I strongly recommend you to add arms in cockpit view. I don´t need them, but if you move to the mainstream market (stream) it´s something you should try to add.
  19. Thanks for the response, Reiza! I'm glad to know you guys are working on getting the automatic adjustment to work further down the line. This will make the game a lot more accessible and save up on the hassle of closing the game, changing hardware settings and ingame settings when racing different cars.

    Regarding your instructions however, I have checked everything and, as I said, it works perfectly well and in-sync with a hardware setting of 540 and an ingame of 540, but only using the default steering lock (14). As soon as I change it to the recommended 22, it desyncs (ie. the on-screen steering wheel rotates much less than the actual controller I'm holding). Again, not a huge problem, but a slight annoyance, nonetheless, especially when comparing gameplay to actual footage (ie. I've seen the Stock car racers rotate the wheel 90° or more to the left and then the right when doing the "Senna S" in Interlagos. At 540°rotation/22°lock that's exactly what I'm doing with my controller... except the on-screen wheel is only rotating about 45° instead).

    As for the people suggesting me to turn off on-screen steering wheel altogether: I like having it on. My desktop is set up so that I'm fairly close to the screen, and focusing on the center of the action, while my controller (T500RS) is fairly low in my field of view, so I don't even see the physical controller while racing. Maybe if I had a triple screen setup I might adjust the ingame FOV so that the wheel would be cut off the display, but with a single monitor I prefer to use the default FOV, in which the car panel (especially in stock cars) takes up a good portion of the screen's bottom half.

    At the same time, I like seeing a Stock car wheel when driving a stock car, a kart wheel while driving a kart, and an F1 wheel while driving an F1 car (and yes, I do have the F1 attachment for the T500, but it's based off a Ferrari and doesn't directly reflect every F1 car represented ingame). As for the driver's arms being displayed, I don't personally care much about them, but wouldn't mind having the option, either.

    Anyway.. Great job Reiza, I love your sims, and wish you success publishing your games on Steam (I just bought FTruck on steam last week and I'm waiting for the opportunity to carry my GSCE user key over as well)
  20. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Hmm that´s odd, steering lock is the maximum angle the front wheels turn, changing it should have no bearing on the alignment of the steering rotation vs your controller. Best I can offer is to ask you to double-check the recommendations from the previous post :(