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How to make invisible walls-fences in BTB for RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Xaris Xarolpoulos, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm having truble of making invisible wall-fence so the car can't get out of the track.I'm searching 2 days now but nothing happens,always when i load RBR the game crashes.So, i need help from some expert :).
    Thanks in advance :) :)
  2. Invisible walls are easy. Create an ordinary wall in BTB, then edit the cross section by dragging the top two points upwards, to such a height that you can't imagine a car flying over the top. Then, click on the properties tab and deselect 'Render', and '...shadows' and '...lights'.

    It'll always show up in BTB but in game it will be invisible.

    You also say "when i load RBR the game crashes". Is that exactly what you mean, or do you mean the game crashes when you load the track?
  3. Thanks for your answer R Soul,all that you say are very understanding and simple as you say to make,but i was in the wrong way :(.Game was crashing because i had over 155 walls in BTB. (Perhaps there is a limit over 155) :) :).That was the problem that i could n't find for 2 days now.I deleted some ,i fixed my invis walls i have now about 145 walls and all are ok.I'll upload my new track here too :) :).
    Tnx for your time again :)
  4. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    155 walls are not the limit.
  5. Really?????? What can i say ,dunno i tried to make over 155 walls (all ok in BTB-no problem) but the game (RBR) was crashing during loading :(
  6. Although I don't use RBR, I assume a wall is simply a mesh with some flags (collide, render and so on). A piece of track/road is also a mesh, but with a 'driveable' flag. Perhaps you have loads of things (a long road with changes of material, trees, spectators etc) and by adding some walls you went over a general mesh limit.
  7. I currently build for rF1, not RBR, although it may be it was similar trouble to what I was experiencing a while ago...

    Like S/Objects, Ive found times when the length of a wall can create troubles...
    Mind you Im talking about walls used as roadside fences & the offending walls were several kilometers long as well as being out-of-order in direction of travel.
    As the track is 33+km's long & there's a fence each side there's over 60km's of wall tool being used here alone.
    I remade fences one side at a time (Left first) & in order of direction of travel & tried to keep them under 500meters each.
    This seemed to work for me.
  8. What kind of error message do you get when the game crashes? That might help us narrow it down to what might be the problem!
  9. The way described by R Soul works in rFactor and not in RBR.
    You must apply transparent material to your walls. See in my "colisions" xpack. Texture used for BTB is not transparent because of deleted alpha channel, then you can see it in a project. After export to RBR, you have to replace that texture with one containing alpha channel (alpha channel black = 100% transparency). The same way work these collision poles etc.


    I think also that walls cannot be too long - build them like 100-200 meters long or divide them by Material Change cross-sections. Height - 10 meters max, panel length 6-10 meters, set their LOD to 1.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
  10. Well Martines ,as i said before i solved my problem by deleting some walls and I didn't had lond walls at all .Even when i tryed to make a 3meter long wall when loading the game was crashing.I used btw the transparant wall to make the invis fences 100-400m long. :)