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How to make Fly camera looks smooth?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Hi~ all of RD members :wink:
    this is my video of using free Fly camera option.

    However, as you see the Zoom in/out and following car with mouse tracking,
    Recording with Fly camera is difficult for me by keyboard in my case.

    Is there any way to make it smooth or easy to following car?
  2. Use your steering wheel and pedals to control the cam. You can change it at the control options screens.
  3. Thanks....but still the movement of Up/down/Left/Right with mouse is not smooth at all.
    also I can only map my pedal for foward/backward, still ca't map wheel for someting...though.
  4. only way to make it realy smooth is to make your own .cam file there you can set a path for the camara but it will be a hell of a work
    and then its again just a cam wich you cant controle manualy to may stay focused on something intresting
  5. How about using more sensitive and fast one like....Logitech G500(5700dpi) ?
  6. not realy sure if that will help
  7. OK allow me to interject to the dismay of Mr. HErrmann. LOL

    I use a Flight stick for my cam work. It's beautifully smooth for flying the cam. and variable in speed aas well. Push the stick forwarda little and it moves slowly. Jam it forward and it goes fast! the problem becomes when ou have to move the mous to keep something in view. I use a logitech optical mouse while I move the flight stick to track . I am currently working on getting the "hat button" on the flight stick progreammed to replace the mouse control. OH Man than it's be PERFECT!

    Here's a recent video I did with this setup. I also have a preset control setup in the conrol settings in the game manu I just slect and off I go using the flightstick all mapped out!


    if you like a full HD version on your default player in widescreen then go here. BUt if you are not fast buffering than this file will kill you since its almost 800Mb!
    select Cadwell for latest vid. Also you can chak out some of my otehr movies here as well.

    NOt sure if I was the first one to accomplish this at RD but I think I have put a new wrinkle on the movie side.

    Enjoy and hope this helped!
  8. How about ' Logitech extreme 3D pro ' is it good for the Hat Button programing instead of using mouse?
  9. Ok a little 'off topic' here but the comments about the flight stick brought back some thoughts and questions from ages ago ;

    I was wondering, for the computer whizzes out there - is it feasible to use the cameras on free view to somehow create an in game helicopter? This could be useful for the RDTV broadcasts, as in real life TV from helicopters is used regularly - if your really a whizz please make it a helicopter gunship and make it so we can damage the cars! Then Ross' last man standing ideas and cat n mouse games could get really interesting! This came from an idea I had ages ago of combining the Race Series with the Battlefield Series but thats just my over active imagination...
  10. LOL Dave your trippin! he he he he
  11. Hhhmmmm thanks for the idea. this is the model of flight stick I am using actually. any idea how to eliminate the mouse movement and activate the HAT SWITCH?
  12. Wish I was !!
  13. Anyway..I solved it by my Club Member's advice.

    Isn't it smooth right?
  14. looks very nice. what did you do to fix it?
  15. yes do tell!
  16. HI ~:)

    The answer is simple, the guy who gave me an answer is worknig for Simbin.
    He told to me to tweak .PLR file( in my documents folder) like this....almost th end of .PLR file

    How mouse movements are translated to rotations: 0 = mouse acts like a mouse, 1 = mouse acts like a joystick.
    (the "0" to "1" <------- this gives you more smooth tarcking like joystick movement)

    and this is his Video using fly cam...Plz watch it:D
  17. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    very nice.
  18. where is the PLR file located?
  19. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    My Docs/Simbin/UserData/<your-profile-here/<your-profile-here>.plr

    or very very similar, sorry not at my games machine atm.
  20. Hi guys.

    I am at the location you specify Dave, but when I try to open my .PLR file, I can't open it.
    Is there a certain program that I must use to open this file to tweak the flycam settings?

    Thanks in advance.