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How to install RSRBR and RBR CZ?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Jakub Sulej, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Could anyone write step by step in the easiest form how to install RSRBR and RBR CZ? I want to have it the most clean as it could be (I mean RBR folders)

    I tried to use dblInstall, but this program is not working on my pc, I dont know why. Is there any other way to install two different plugins without dblInstall?
  2. Did you run it as admin?

    It works by clearing & backup the reg entry for your RBR enabling you to make a 2nd install. i suppose you could do it manualy but i wouldn`t now how.
  3. Yes I ran as an admin. I tried to make only me admin and other users were limited, I also tried to make password to put it into box (when I run as...). I tried to run it as some other users in my pc, but it still telling me that I'm not an admin and I have some limits....
    I dont know why....
  4. Hmmm try turning of UAC and see if that helps.
  5. I dont have UAC, I have XP
  6. Ah, i`m on W7 64.

    Have you tried running it in diferent compatability modes?
  7. I dont understand you. What is compatibility modes?
  8. Ok I know, and also I tried, but it is still not working..
  9. right click the Dblinstall app, select Properties. click compatability tab, tick the run this prog in compatability mode and try different modes.
  10. :(

    don`t give up, i`m sure theres a simple fix but i haven`t used XP for years so am very rusty with it.
  11. Maybe I got some virus?
  12. I was searching, but there are anything usefull for me.

    Maybe there is some other way to intall RSRBR and RBR cz?
  13. only was it to edit your regestry, if you tried to just clone your install it wount work right (i already tried :) )
  14. maybe I can edit regestry manually, delete it or something
  15. NO NO NO NO not delete :D

    you`ll need to find the regestry entry for RBR (SCiGames) and 1st back it up then delete, then you can install a new RBR. but you will need to manualy switch between the 2 reg entries.
  16. Where can I find it? How it could look?
  17. Last noob question. Maybe problem is that I have to use dblInstall on standard "clean" RBR? Could it solve problem?
  18. I know what is the problem. I cant start Regedit.exe. When I click start -> Run -> Regedit -> It is telling me that I have some limits and I have to contact with admin.
    But it didnt solve my problem...