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How to... FSR 2013

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. This is our guide to help everyone who wants to participate in FSR to find it´s way around the labyrinth of this forum.

    Make sure you have all Informations you need before you can make any decision to take part in FSR.

    1. Calendar

    2. divisions and racetimes

    FSR consists of 3 divisions arranged for different driverskills.

    - World Championship (racetime: Sunday 17:00 GMT)
    The highest category inside FSR, only for the best of the best. Teams are limited to 13, and currently only one spot for a team is open.
    Naturally no driving aids allowed here.

    - World Series (racetime: Saturday 18:00 GMT)
    The sub World Championship category for advanced drivers who want to fight against strong competition. Entries are unlimited, but only the 26 fastest get to race (which will be determined in a Pre Qualifying Session before each race).
    Auto Clutch is allowed here.

    - World Trophy (racetime: Sunday 12:00 GMT)
    The entry level category of FSR for new, unexperienced drivers. Nevertheless with a good level of competition. Entries are unlimited, but only the 26 fastest get to race (which will be determined in a Pre Qualifying Session before each race).
    Tractioncontrol, Anti-Lock-Brakes and Auto Clutch are allowed, but Tractioncontrol and Anti-Lock-Brakes come with a small weight penalty.

    3. Costs

    Every driver and every team have to pay a small license fee to be allowed to participate in the FSR 2012 season. The prices are as follows:

    World Championship
    Driverlicense: 40€ , 3 Race license: 15€
    Teamlicense on loan for 1 year: 80€ (only 1 left)

    World Series
    Driverlicense: 15€ , 3 Race license: 8€
    Teamlicense: 8€

    World Trophy
    Driverlicense: 10€ , 3 Race license: 5€
    Teamlicense: 6€

    Now that you have all information, and after you determined which division is the one for you, you have to go to the next task: find a seat to race in.
    The easiest way for you is to try and join an existing team, as in general there are always teams looking for new drivers to add to their roosters.

    To check for open seats or present yourself as a candidate, make sure to go into our "FSR Team & Driver Opportunities" Section.

    Alternatively you can start your own team in FSR, and you wont have to worry about finding a place in another team.

    Registering in FSR as a driver

    There are a few simple steps you have to follow to register yourself in FSR.

    1. Register at the FSR GPCos system

    2. Once you are registered and your account has been validated (please be patient, it can take 1 or 2 days to validate all the incoming account) log into your account, and in your "Personal Control Center" click on "Start driving" Select the team you will drive for and add the request.
    Now your team manager just has to accept the request and you are good to go.

    3. Allocation process for each race.
    There is the need to allocate for each race you drive in FSR, so the admins can know how many drivers will turn up to the Pre Qualifying.

    To allocate for a race, log into your GPCos account, and at the bottom of your "Personal Control Center" you will see the Leagues you drive in and in which team you are driving. Below is the button "Maintain driver allocations", click on it, make sure you select the correct event (it´s important you allocate for the right event, else you might not be allowed to participate) and Allocation status and click on "Add allocation".

    Repeat this procedure before each race. Make sure you do it before the deadline, which is specified in the rulebook for your category.

    Registering your team in FSR

    1. Register at the FSR GPCos system

    2. Once you are registered and your account has been validated (please be patient, it can take 1 or 2 days to validate all the incoming account) log into your account, and in your "Personal Control Center" click on "Start managing a team" and enter all required data. ( a little sidenote, it´s preferred if you also choose a "Team background color" and "Team foreground color" as these are the colors showing the Numbers in the List of Teams and Drivers.)

    Once your team has been validated by the admins (please be patient here as well) You will see a new area in your "Personal Control Center" called "Team owner options" There you have to click on "Maintain team requests for leagues" and Add the requests for the divisions you want to participate in with your team.

    These request will only be validated once the needed license fees are paid.

    As a team in the World Series and World Trophy, you have to pay the licenses, for each team at once, (teamlicense plus driverlicenses). To learn the exact procedure please visit this page: Registration Instructions

    Once you paid the Licenses your teamrequest to the division will be accepted and your drivers can request their spot in the team.

    Preparing your cars

    So now that you have the drivers lined up in your team, you have to prepare your cars.

    The first thing you need is the Mod to be able to see the cars ingame and the templates.

    A small minimod including the cars which will be used this year will be released soon.

    The templates can be downloaded here: http://www.precision-motorsports.de/Download/FSR_2013_templates.zip

    If you want to use any FSR or Partnerlogos you can download them here: http://www.precision-motorsports.de/Download/FSR_2013_Logo_Pack_v1.0.zip

    General rules to the DDS Files

    1- Save all your car texture files in .dds (car, helmets and driver suits)
    1.1- Save the cartextures and the helmet in DXT5 alpha format and suits in DXT1 no alpha format
    1.2- Save with Generate Mip maps
    1.3- Keep the original file resolution!

    Name of the vehicle file

    The vehicle file has to be placed inside the carfolder.



    WC for World Championship
    WS for World Series
    WT for World Trophy

    The Carnumber and Teamabbreviation will be given to you after your registration here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum...st-including-numbers-and-abbreviations.65970/

    Example: WC_01_PM.veh

    Vehicle folder

    The Vehicle Folder has to be placed in the folder for the respective category and be named like the Teamabbreviation. The textures for both cars of one team will go in it.

    Vehicle file

    Example for the default Livery line the basic dds file follows the same name scheme as the Vehicle file:
    DefaultLivery="World Championship/PM/WC_01_PM.DDS"

    The teamname in the line "Team="Teamname" has to contain the Categoryabbreviation at the end except for the World Championship division. This has to be followed to ensure the teams are listed correctly in the game.

    The Classes line has to be the following

    The Category has to be in the following format:
    Category="Formula Simracing 2013,World Championship (or World Series, or World Trophy)"

    All World Series and World Trophies cars must have PitGroup set as Group1!

    For the detailed instructions for each car please check this thread: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/2013-templates-and-painting-instructions.65301/


    Make sure to send your files in the correct filestructure, to make adding them to the Mod easier.

    Start your structure from inside the Folder "Gamedata/Vehicles/FSR2012/2012/Teams"

    This means the first folder inside the archive you send is the "ChassisName", NOT starting from the rFactor root folder or GameData folder. Incorrect files will be rejected.

    Send your files to the following email adress: fsrmod2011@googlemail.com

    The deadline for cars being included for the first race is the 4th April
  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Does this mean I have to pay both team and driver licenses? The drivers cannot pay their licenses by themselves?
  3. That´s exactly what it means, you have to collect the money from your drivers and send it to FSR at once.
  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Aaaand if a reserve driver joins during the season, then I obviously pay the price separately.
  5. No, you must look into your crystal ball and see into the future and depending on what you see, how many drivers join to your team, pay the price
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  6. I have a bank account wich wont allow me to accept payments from abroad. I have paid my teams licences and drivers have paid seperatly in the past. in 10 years ive had no problem with all this can I do this still?

    Also do I have to leave the league on gpcos from last season and re apply because when I try it says im already registered
  7. I recorded my TEAM in the system GPCOS (Pescara UEIN), I would like to enroll my drivers WS, how do I? I first have to pay the full amount ..!? 2 pilots Pilots License = 20 € + 20 € + License for all races € 40 + € 40 + € 10 TEAM License, is that right?
  8. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Sorry, but I don't own a crystal ball. Do you know where I might afford one? ;)
  9. In the crystal ball shop, where else?:rolleyes:
  10. Yes.
  11. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Okay then, tell me where to find one :p
  12. ebay sure youll find one somewere among the chinease iphone knockoffs lol
  13. how should i know where in finland a shop is ? :p
  14. Driver1: 20€
    Driver2: 20€
    Team: 10€
    All: 50€

    If i read your post i read you want to pay 90€ :O_o:
  15. And the races do not have to pay now? :\
  16. Mean you can pay for 1 season = 20€ or a just 3 races license = 8€
  17. No I think you have to pay € 20 for a license for each SIMDRIVER more races in which you participate! Then 3 rounds = € 8 / 15 games = 40 € each Sim Driver...
  18. No. For example for WS you pay: Team licence: 10€ and each driver pays 20€ for their licence which is good through whole season. The 3 race licence is for people who do not have/want full licence and wish only drive 3 races so they dont have to pay the full price of the licence.
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  19. Ahhhhhh okok :) I misunderstood! thanks
  20. if the reserve driver of my team will race what i have to do?