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How to drive the 918 without cooking front tires

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by tlsmikey, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Trying to do some runs at nurburgring with P1 vs La Ferrari vs 918 and i'm struggling really hard with the 918. The front tires cook very quickly with ABS on and the car seems to push really hard through corners.

    Anyone have any tips on how to setup this car or driving approaches that work?
  2. tyre model really sucks.
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  3. It's a 4wd so it's more point and squirt than balance it with the throttle.

    Brakes are awful, maybe due to extensive harvesting.
  4. It drives like ass unfortunately. Not sure whats going on frankly.
  5. Realism is kicking in.:D
  6. you must enter curve without understeer, I can not burn my tires. You should brake before the curve and accelerating out by making small adjustments in your wheel to avoid understeer.
  7. Yeah because this car being AWD has nothing to do with how much the front and rear tyres can warm up in corners.
    How to physics with Blimey.
  8. Regardless of the reason the car still drives like ass. And if it does handle like this IRL, which I doubt, then everyone who's ever driven one and praised it (read: everyone) was high as hell and should avoid reproduction.
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  9. I personally can't drive any car in AC with soft tyres for more than half the lap before the tyres are overheated.
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  10. Soft compound slick racing tyres?
    Maybe because in real life they choose compound depending on track layout and weather. If you wouldn't overheat soft tyres at Spa and Mugello in the sim we would have a problem. But again, this will also depend on which zone of the track, some zones demand more from the tyres since you can travel and corner faster, and other zones of the same track will cool down your tyres. Make the setup accordingly if necessary.
  11. Please don't get triggered by him that easy. Let him voice his opinion and if it's like 98% of his posts just ignore him. Don't get me wrong, it's great you put the effort in but it's a little bit annoying to read this back and forth in every second thread because Blimey is trigger-happy again.
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  12. are you a Hillary supporter here to personally attack me again? 98% of your thoughts about me are ignorant with almost no facts. sorry I watched too much Info Wars.
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  13. I don't even.
  14. The ignore button can save your sanity.
    As for ops post I have noticed certain cars struggle with overheating, havent driven this one much though, do you understeer a lot?
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  15. The Stig™

    The Stig™
    Some say his heart beat is measured in RPM Premium

    I don't see the problem. 918 drives exactly how I thought a 3700lb 900hp AWD brick would. With a few tuning tweaks to make it a little more rear biased it is very satisfying to drive.
  16. imo awd cars aren't best reproduced in sims as general, meantime in AC some works quite well: Lambos, Nissan, 918
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  17. is it a troll?
    my god...

    EDIT: oops forget my comment, i did not see it was Blimey

    +1 and Thank you, some people still understand the game.
    it's amazing we have to explain that...
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  18. do you have a problem?
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