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How to create my own helmet in the game?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by S0repr0mt, May 7, 2011.

  1. hi
    I had an ask, how i can creat my own helemt and how i get him in my game?
    Please send me an reply.
    Thanks S0repr0mt
  2. Hi S0repr0mt,
    I am wondering the same thing how to make a design on a helmet and put it in the game. I would love my own custom design.
    I have asked before but no replies? I asked again yesterday for someone to make me Nico Rosbergs helmet from todays race (TURKEY) but without his name on it. so far 53 views and no answers not even to say yeah what a good idea.....
    I thought this was meant to be a community of Race gamers who love the same games?

    I have the template and the psg editor but like you I do not know how to or what files they go in.

  3. have you tried downloading some custom helmet skins from the download section? most of them all comed packaged in a way you just have to drop it in the appropriate game folder and you're good to go. your best bet would be to find one of the generic nationality helmets and replace it with your own custom design. (save aall origional files you may change as a precautionary backup!!!!!)
  4. that i don't understand can you say it me correct please
  5. @Miguel Gonzalez...

    What we want to do is know how to make our own helmet also, the program we use? and the program thats used to import-export seperate from that of which creates the helmet...
    Photoshop cs5 to create a helmet design, the what program to export it to game and what file/folder does it go.

    I have a template of helmet but dont know the other bits...

  6. sorry i was just replying to Sorepront's post saying he had the template and the editor. i figured he had made his own template but didnt know where to drop it.
  7. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?


    The programs you will need to have are

    RDD Pssg Editor

    Photoshop or a similar painting program

    Nvidia DDS plugins for photoshop (if using photoshop)

    DXT bump program if not using photoshop

    The Compressonator if not using photoshop.

    First best helmet to change as said previously here is a bespoke helmet.

    Theses files can be found in the characters files within the game.

    Create empty both High and Low files on your desktop as a place to store you custom designs.

    Backup the helmet you are going to change first.

    Extract the file you are going to change into the High folder and low folder.

    Import the texture into photoshop by just dragging the image into the photoshop workspace.

    Paint helmet in design of your choice.

    Then save as a DDS texture back into the high folder.

    Save as half the size into the low folder.

    for example high texture 1024 in size, low texture 512 in size.

    Now open up the same folder the file was extracted from, and click import button, and import the DDS texture from your high folder, for the high texture.

    Once imported, click the save button, (top left in Pssg editor) and save it back to the original destination fom where it came.

    Repeat for low texture.

    That's it......should be in the game, you just need to select it from the helmet selection screen.

    Note the original picture will still be there on the selection screen, so make a note of which helmet you are changing.


    I find that saving the file as DXT5 with 2 mipmaps is the best way to go, helps shapen helmets a bit.

    Hope this helps, and you understand what I have tried to say.

  8. @ML
    Awesome dude......+respect
  9. James Chant

    James Chant

    @ML2166 - Thanks for doing this - I think many people will find this helpful.


    RD Staff
  10. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    No problem James.
  11. If anyone would like a custom helmet knocking up, in HD just give PM me and I will make it in photoshop for you, and give you instructions on how too install the badboy. Just include the following in your message.

    Colour Scheme
    Fonts (if applicable)
    Team Logos

    If there is anything else, say a replica of a helmet I will endevour too copy it from a GOOD quality picture link, thanks and look forward too hearing your requests!
  12. Nice 1 Scott look forward to the Helmet?

  13. Do we have a program to visualize a personalized helmet, just like 3dsimed with the cars?

    I'm have some trouble to align certain lines on the skin, and it isn't productive to launch F1 2010
    just to see the result.

    Many thanks and keep the fantastic work, modders!
  14. I also want to know how we can render the helmet in 3d, I have tries using 3dsimed, milkshape and 3dsmax, but I have no idea where the 3d helmet model is

    If anyone knows how to get the 3d model PLEASE HELP !!!!! :)
  15. Hello,

    I have one question. What are the best export settings for DDS... I use DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha but I don't know it is the best one. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for the help, will try this out soon :)