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How to Converting cars from Shift 2 or NFS high stakes???

Discussion in 'Racer' started by aadilf1, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. i really want to know how to do car conversions, how do i do it?
  2. The models meshes come across ok, probably best via Zmodeller.

    From then on in, it's a case of understanding how to make content work for Racer work and look it's best.

    Have you used zModeller before?

  3. nope lol, iv tried it. didnt work out for me xD
  4. You don't really need modeling skills, only sorting textures right! See my GTA -> Racer tutorial, as soon as you sucessfuly import the model, it's the same thing!

    But High Stakes is already a very old game with poor quality models, do you really think it's worth it?
  5. no, lol i just used that as an example :) i ll have a go at some GTA cars
  6. Yeah, GTA SA is the best platform to convert from! Tons of nice models available, have fun! :tongue:

    Check gtainside.com!
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    And remember you need permission...
  8. Need permission to release.

    I'd learn how to convert first, then when you have done a good job and want to release, ask for permission :)

  9. Lol dont worry i won't release anything (muahahahahaha)
  10. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Oh the massive disappointment :tongue:
  11. A good way to learn might be to start re-working some old cars... there are so many decent ones out there already that just need some love and attention :D

  12. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    yep Dave, thats the way i learned it^^
    ...maybe we should start a thread...rquest...wish..or how ever you want call it^^
  13. are there any cracked zmod?
  14. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Not here there isn't.

    "Links to pirated or other copyright protected content is also not allowed."
  15. i see :D
  16. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    for what do you need a crack? zmod1 is free....
  17. dont worry, iv got the cracked v2 anyway now, also in his tutorial i dont understand this:

    " 3. Texturing
    Open the z3d file with zmodeler 1.07. Go to the materials editor (red ball) and select the material name. For example, if the material is called "crown_vic_interior", on the primary texture section, press "load map" and select the tga file named "crown_vic_interior" that you have previously exported from the txd file. Apply it as unused and set the alpha channel to unused (alpha channel is only needed for the windows texture). Now, on the material name, erase everything but the name of the tga. For example, if the name of the material is "crown_vic_interior [spec]", erase the [spec] part. This will make the tweaking of the car.shd easier. And basically, you repeat the process to every material name.

    On the meanwhile, there are some materials named for example "Matte FF00000" You just need to see what that material is (generally these materials are small details, or the body colour). Give it a texture (the body.tga that I attached) and set it to the same settings as the "crown_vic_interior".

    For the glass, you do the same thing, but set the alpha channel to "glowing - standard alpha glow transparency". I attached the texture file to the glass. (glass.tga) "

    Im trying to convert a Rolls Royce Phantom and i dont know what material to use:

  18. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    it's easy...you have some color sliders on the right side...give every material a differ color and you see witch texture you need....
    ...oh and don't forget to turn him arround with the front down on TOP view^^
  19. Sorry, but i dont know which textures i need, there are lots of different textures in the 'Material Editor' and they appear white or whitish and half of them are not in the TGA files that i exported from TXD workshop,

    Also on a side note, why is there only 1 wheel on the car
  20. It's quite simple. For the textured materials, you only need to rename the material, for instance, instead of car00 [env:6, spec] rename it to car00. The texture is already set.

    For the Matte materials, you need to assign a texture to them, as Racer doesn't support shaders without a texture. You have to create a .TGA image with just a solid color. The color is in the name of the Matte material, in ARGB format (unsure - correct me): Matte FF000000 - this is black. Alexander Knoll gave you a good tip: if you set the color of the material to a nasty pink or magenta, you'll see it on the car and decide what the real color should be.
    The materials appear whitish because ZModeler adds a default reflection map - ignore it.

    About the wheel: it's only one because GTA SA automatically creates copies of it in all the corners. For Racer, you'll have to move that wheel in the origin of the system, so it rotates around the X axis, and export it as a dof file, this will be the model for your right side wheels. Then rotate it 180 degrees in the top view (so it's facing left) and export again as a dof file, this will be your model for the left side wheels.