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How to change tires during a race?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Oscar Luebbert, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I JUST CAN'T FIGURE THAT OUT!!!!!! :mad:
  2. Dont know if its the same on everything but on my xbox wheel i press right on my d pad i think and then an option comes up for altering wing or tyres, push right again on what one you want and then up and down for what tyre you want.
  3. images.jpg well if your using a wheel its on the pad near the stick or you have pad it must be on there some where.

    sorry but on my wheel and gear stick (i use the paddles) its there, other from that check your control settings,

    PS, easy on the caps dude, WE CAN HEAR YOU :wink:

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  4. Give us a little more info, keyboard, pad, wheel, jedi force mind trick........ more info will solve the issue a little more quickly
  5. It depends on what buttons you've assigned for the quick menu left, right, up, and down in the control settings...

    Full Wets - down, down, left
    Primes - down, down, up
    Inters - down, down, down
    Softs - down, down, right

    (+) Aero - right, right, up
    (-) Aero - right, right, down

    Fast - up, up, up
    Standard - up, up, right
    Cruise - up, up, down

    Note: It doesn't really matter what FIRST button you press coz it only activates the menu option, I only incorporated my own technique for shortcut purposes. The SECOND and THIRD buttons are the ones that chooses what you want to change
  6. dont forget that you have to choose the tyres you want while driving in the pit lane and not before
  7. Wrong.

    You can select them before but the crew need to know before you let them know your pitting, you dont need to do it in the pitlane, I done it this way at melbourne and switched to primes from wets.
  8. will give it a try..thanks!
  9. The only time it will not work outside of pitlane is if the engineer thinks its too wet for that tyre, even though half the time the engineer is thick as two short bricks lol
  10. Lol, I only just noticed for the first time tonight in time trial that there's a tyre option along with the wings and engine. What's the best tyres to use in TT for a dry track out of prime, options, and whatever the other one is? I chose prime, but I don't know if that's beneficial?
  11. options always..
    coz in TT its running at optimal temp and condition.. and the darn track probably has 105% grip level..
  12. thanks guys , i do have the g27 logiteck wheel , but i think i just have the wrong d-pad selection because if i press laft on the pad the camera goes lef. thanks a lot! guys and sorry for the caps :)
  13. Ah, right, excellent. Thanks.
  14. Hi Roman5
    I also have a G27, a good wheel.

    Can also set your wheel to custom in the game settings and "map" keys automatically. This way you can map the quick menu keys to the wheel in lieu of the shifter if you prefer. Really a matter of preference for the individual, but I have the most frequently used keys on the wheel (quick menu, pit request and pit limiter) with the balance on the shifter.

  15. what did u choose the 2nd and 3rd button to be to get it like that?
  16. I'm experiencing an issue similar to this. I can access the quick menu but, although the tyre options are all there, the game won't allow me to move the cursor down to select wets. I can select all the other tyre options with no problem.

    Is this a bug or is it the engineers (see quote) trying to be helpful.

    The radio suggested it was time to move to wets but I just couldn't

  17. Hi all. I managed to sort out what was wrong - Operator Error unfortunately. However, I always detest it when people put up a problem and ask for a solution and then write again to say they sorted it but then don't say how.

    What I had failed to appreciate is that the list of tyre options is NOT a list that one scrolls up and down within. The relevant tyre is actually one of the 4 directions on the pad (however, one may have set that up). Look for which way the V is pointing next to the tyre of choice and then press the button that corresponds with that direction - for me it was left (I think)

    Thanks all
  18. I selected Options about half way round the lap i was pitting in on, but upon entering the pitlane it dawned on me that i had selected the wrong tyre type and selected Primes but the crew still fitted Options, so its best to select the tyre you want to use well in advance. I now select which tyre i will use as soon as i have the chance, even if i am not due to stop for several laps. I will then change the tyre selection if things change but i will only do that on the lap i will be pitting in which can be the lap i change the tyre selection due to wear rates or something.

    I like using the harder compound more, the softs are for people who can be fast and smooth with them and thats not me. I can burn the softs out very quickly and although much faster times i loose far more time changing tyres than i do running the hard tyres, so my strategies are the oposite to real F1, which the real life drivers run the softs as much as they can and then switch to the hards as late as possible. I run the hards and then with 5 to 7 laps remaining i will switch to the softs, sometimes even later (depends on wear rates of the hard tyres).
  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I think it's a fine line as to when you can select the tyre type in the pit lane and have the crew fit the correct ones. Like you I have tried to make late changes and the crw have still fitted the originally selected tyres. That is pretty realistic though as pit crews get the tyres ready well before a driver inters the pits. I always wait until the longest straight before my pit stop to make any required changes to my tyre choice.