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How to calibrate my G27 in GSC???

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Patrick Moore, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. :confused:

    When I load up the GSC game it shows my wheel as beingturned a few degrees to the left even though the wheel is centered. So in game I have to turn the wheel to the right a few degrees to keep the car straight and to show the wheel graphnics in game as straight. Unfortunately, I cannot find the way to calibrate the G27 in the game to get rid of this!! It should not be a problem with the wheel since it works fine with iRacing, GTL, GTR, GTR2, GT5.

    Can someone tell the steps on how to calibrate the G27 wheel in GSC to get rid of the game error.

  2. Hello Patrick, i dont think yoyu need to Calibrate it, just set 540 deg for rotation on the logitech profiler, 20-22 deg on car setup, and under controls 2 and 3 tab you will find more options to tune the wheel properly, set evrything on 50 % and it should be fine. I got G25 and it works perfectly
  3. If you haven't done it already you can always try to reassign your controls
    Options - Controls - click on Steer left (right side of the control menu) - turn your wheel left
    Do the same with right

    Also always good to re-calibrate those G27 pedals by clicking on brake in controls and press your brake all the way and do the same with throttle and clutch

    Never know, it might work, i know i had problems with my throttle once and that fixed it
  4. thanks for the reply.

    Do you know if it is necessary to have my logitech profile degree rotation at exactly 540 degrees? I ask because the movements are so large that I have to choose between 536 degrees or 543 degrees.

    I will try your settings tonight.

  5. I tried this before starting the thread. I may have done something wrong or incorrectly, but I will give it another attempt now.
  6. Well, I tried everything above and the wheel is still off-center in GSC.

    Since there is no "centering" feature or wheel calibration option it looks like it can;t be fixed for me.

    Oh well, I'm outta here. Too frustrated at the moment with GSC. thanks for the help.
  7. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    G25 / G27 wheels should auto calibrate when you start your pc. They turn full left / right and then stop in the middle. After this is done, it will tell Windows what the min, center and max is. GSC just uses that information so if it is off center, it should be in any sim. Only in iRacing you may calibrate it in the game, all other games use the G27 'startup calibration'.

    In GSC, perhaps you have turned steering help on, check the driving aids. This can make the steering wheel graphics be different from where your physical wheel is turned.
  8. Cool! It could be something simple as having to turn off and back on my computer and wheel.
    I did not try the wheel in the same session with my other games so what you say may be correct.
    I will have a go tonight and see if the wheel is still off-center in GSC and any other game (hopefully, my wheel is not having any hardware issues! :eek: )

  9. Sorry about bringing this thread up. Just bought the game today and was a bit difficult to set the G27 properly to work with GSC.
    I found something weird, when me FFB is set to 100% the wheel turns automatic, if just do a little touch to the left the wheel turn all the way to the left, the same happens to the right. When i change the FFB to Gamepad instead of Wheel, this stops, but then the FFB feels so weak that its not good. After lots of tests i found that using the Force Feedback set to wheel it works good if i put FFB to -50%.

    As for Patrick, i recommend to set the steering deadzone to 2% or more, could solve the problem for straight line handling.
  10. Better if you set it to -100 (yeah need negative FFB strength for logitech wheels) and if you think FFB is too strong better to adjust MaxForceAtSteeringRack in RealFeelPlugin.ini (its also a negative number and FFB get stronger the closer you get to zero
  11. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I use the default settings that come with the game. They are already spot on :)
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  12. Thanks RedMetal. Im trying some other changes. I like strong FFB not weak, i will try to see the difference from -50% to -100%.
  13. I did it Bram, but my car was turning by itself lol. Actually i need to counter steer (hard) in any high speed turn. I was trying Interlagos since its the only track i know every corner. I want a strong FFB but not a wheel turning for me.
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Did you select the G27 profile in the menu? How do your settings look in the windows profiler?
  15. In the menus i have G27 and also G27 stick. I tested both but haven't noticed any difference.
    Its good now. I just can't have the same strong FFB i had using FFB +100% as im using FFB -100% now. Its working good but its a little weak when compared to +100%. At least the wheel is not turning by itself :).
    I don't remember my settings on the profiler before, but now:

    Intensity 110% (the first 3)
    Activate central force.... checked - 121%
    269 degree
    Allow the game to adjust settings

    But now its good on -100%.
    I just not used to use the H shifter for Formula Classic and Stock Car, and also the clutch to leave the pits. Probably because i was playing only F1 the last year and now hehe.

    Thanks for the help
  16. Hi Roberto!
    Thanks for the idea. I will try it this weekend.
  17. Hi Patrick, glad to help. I hope it works.
    If you want to try, my settings are:
    269-271 degree on logitech profile
    For the game:
    All dead zones set to 2%, just to avoid anything that i don't want to do.
    FFB set to wheel
    Controller G27
    Forcefeed back -100%

    The wheel is very good now, im not so confortable with the clutch and the brakes, but im getting used to it. :)
  18. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Bram, i think were in great need of one of your cool setup sessions in the vain of the Freindy Development Serise for this game.
    1, so people knoe how to set up their equiptment, and 2, so folks know how to tackle this gme.

    Thoughts on it?
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  19. smasha


    lol my fault.
    Wow this is an amazing sim.
  20. smasha


    yabba dabba doo.
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