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How many times have you pressed F5 lately?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Bram, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Or am I the only one constantly refreshing Twitter, Facebook our website and forums to see if THE NEWS is there :)

    The last time I got this excited for a new game must have been with GTR2 or something.
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  2. Thats a Dell..........
  3. What I read it's not worth to press this key before next week, isn't it?
  4. Where is it? Please release something :eek:
  5. where did you here this zlep?? bram its driving me nuts... f5 all the way... lol
  6. isi forum. Tim wrote yesterday it will not arrive in the next days. so I guess earliest next week.
  7. i think he wrote on tuesday, the bete will defo not be out in the next two days...
  8. ye that was on facebook, he wrote on Monday '
    Not yet known. So no, not able to give a date yet. Definitely not within the next couple of days.' I think my f5 button is wearing out lol
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I dont think it will come this week either unless its today. Otherwise they have to release on Friday and everybody at ISI has to be online the entire weekend for support :)

    My guess would be somewhere early in the week so they have all people on board and available.

    Nevertheless I keep on pressing F5 just to be sure in case they release it early :D
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  10. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I reckon Feb. They are starting to get shitty with people on FB now, which means stressful working conditions, and not close to release imho.
  11. on facebook, how can they get sh**** with people on there... they should just ignore it and get on with the job ...
  12. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    people are only pissed off because ISI were saying 'imminent' and 'soon' and 'holidays'. If the product is not ready then why tease?

    Just say August and be done with it.
  13. Because its a Beta and not a Gold release.
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  14. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I'm not saying that it needs a release date - I'm saying they shouldn't be surprised that people are expecting it now now now if they said it would be here now, eh?

    why say it at all, if it's not true? makes no sense.
  15. What did they say then?

    "We project that we will be in Release Candidate stage around the Christmas Holiday. We think it may be too hectic for our testers and staff to try to push out a product at this time, so we are now likely to release the open beta early 2012"
  16. Guys you really cant get pissed with ISI they ALWAYS stated HOPE and IF the RC is READY and ONLY then :)
  17. A very nice nail i must say.
  18. If you follow this account on Twitter and give it permission to send SMS messages to your phone, I'll update it ASAP after official content releases (this beta, future updates, the final release of the game, post-launch updates, etc).

    And I'll only post meaningful updates so each Tweet means that you can download something new from ISI.

  19. I already have the Beta Pirate version!:cool:
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  20. lol... nice one sergio..