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How many laps have you done in Practice?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dian Kostadinov, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Hey. I decided to ask you if want to share to the public, how many laps you have done in practicing for the race. You can check that in .cch file in every rfmod you have used. For Canada I have 798 laps including the race.
  2. EDIT: Will check at home. Won't be anywhere near yours. :p
  3. 231+128=359
  4. TotalLaps=954 (Nowhere near Bahrain though, it was over 1500 back then)
  5. I think 612. I didn't do any laps from Friday until 10 min before qualy though which clearly didn't help
  6. 739, I had too much time in the past two weeks xD
    Btw, the .cch files count number of pit exits, right? Or is it completed laps?
  7. about 150-200 for montreal
  8. All laps :)
  9. 451 including ~100 for OP/quali/race
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  10. I think aborted laps are counted as well in .CCH. Also you have to sum up all different track version CCH's, including all cars & tracks CCH. Adding all those together I have around 550.
  11. 522
  12. 218
    The most I did so far was last year Cota with around 1500 Laps :D
  13. I did probably the most laps in practice than any other race apart from Australia, around 1200, yet I still got my worst perfomance in Montreal lol.
  14. I remember in 2012 for Australia I did around 2000-2500 laps and was taken out at T1 :D Almost dropped a tear..
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  15. 421 for Canada and it's around that for every track i think
  16. 287 Canada + 36 laps in FSR Race(Practice+Qualy and 10 Laps in race). Last year I used to do between 500-700.
  17. Nobody beat my record of Hungaroring 2013 though. 2800 laps hueheuheue. Anyway I had 6 weeks to test, was summer and my fav track. Cheers.
  18. 371 only
  19. 292 with race
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  20. I did over 3000 laps last year for Hockenheim, I think in less than three weeks. Heuheuheu.
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