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How many drivers would choose this option?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Slawomir Judek, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. How many of you would choose without reflection one chance only option (when you crash heavily you have to wait until the cars is repaired or your session is over) instead of and old crash and press esc button whenever you want option?
    My answer is, of course, one chance only option.
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  2. NetKar PRO Full Mode :).
  3. Actually, I've never tried that mode. I heard about it. I understand you're in ;>??
  4. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I would like it. And, what I think is even more important, no ESC to go back to pits!
  5. Sim Racing should be just that - crash beyond repair and you're out.

    The one problem this raises is if someone has a heavy prang they and up all over the road trying to get their car back to the pits, thus causing issues for other drivers and more often than not, further accidents.

    IMO iRacing have it about right, where you get 1 reset and full repair but then any further accidents, even though you can still be transported back in to pit lane, there is no guarantee the damage will be able to be repaired so your race may still be over.

    For me it's just a safer way getting damaged cars out of the way of those still racing instead of having to have lap after lap of safety car, which is not what we want to be doing.
  6. Such a feature would be used in leagues (only a few I presume) and regulations would cover this situation as well. Just imagine what would a real driver do if he had such an accident. If it were very heavy they should stop the car and then, I think, press the Esc button but their session would be over. I don't think any developer implements a tow car in simulators. Nevertheless, it would be great :D
  7. I drove some more "arcades" and also more hardcore sims (iRacing and netKar in Leagues and so on).

    I think the more casual racing which resembles what we have more in arcades will be important for the broader customer base, to not just have a small hardcore group like in netKar. But I do think everything should be optional by settings, the one who starts the server should set it the way you want, regarding damage, assists, private or public and so on.

    I do think also that making public casual race servers online with full damage on removes the little kids that enter just to ruin for people, those who come from arcades. I remember many times in Shift people driving backwards and just standing parked on the track just to crash people.
  8. Yes, I raced netKar Pro from the very beginning (2006). I used to race in the GPChampionship created by Jaap Wagenvoort, with among others Stuart W who is also present on this forum still :).

    GPC league races had Full Mode enabled. It was amazing. Especially on tracks like Monaco, where we had a 20 minutes or so qualifying session. If you pushed too much and you would need a tow, you had to wait 15 minutes. Damage? Depending on the severity of he damage you had to wait a long time to get it fixed. If you had an accident in qualifying, the repairs could take so long you would miss the race. Driving with all thus in mind through the narrow streets of Monaco was insane and immensely satisfying if you got it right. Also, you had to think about the time needed for the inlap, as you could not esc back to the pits (15 mins tow).

    Everybody was so much more carefull for the entire event. I mean, even driving out of the pits could ruin your entire race if you hit a parked car or the wall of your garagebox.

    I lovedmthose times. Maybe even the best simracingtimes for me ever :).

    But... This mode is something only very very few people will appreciate. It offers huge frustration if somebody hits you in practice and your repairs take too long. Imagine the rage you will have ;). Worse than iRacing 4x :).

    Let's say AC will have 10.000 customers. Maybe 50 people would use this mode. So would Kunos develop it? I'm extremely sure it is on the absolute bottom of their prioritylist. Would I start leagueracing again if a modder would make something like this? Absolutely!
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  9. Requiem84, your post is too long to quote it but what you said is just what I'm looking for in Assetto Corsa :). Again, the most hardcore features would be used by not too many leagues. How many drivers do you need to have a full grid in most series? Around 20-25. I'm more than sure there is about 25 drivers around the world who would like to try this. I don't want to mention public racing. It's something completely different. When you start working and you have less and less spare time. Actually, only on weekends you have more time. On Saturday two 1h long practice sessions, on Sunday qual + race and it's more than enough to feel great emotions and be sure you race among about 25 other simracers slower or faster but with respect to each other. Do you need something more:D?
  10. Its something im interested in for sure, I have known you Slawomir for a few years now and raced with you and talked over this enough to know that we have a similar mind set, I'll take part if something is setup and done right thats for sure, if RD don't do things this way i'm sure us guys over at TFR will host somethign, we were very popular when we ran out GT series in iRacing as you know.

  11. Hi,

    I will also be interested in this feature, and as Simon have discussed about it with Slawek in the past. The system in netKat Pro as described by Requiem84 sounds nice. I also agree that the user base that will use this feature will be very small compared to the whole population of game owners, so from an economic point of view it is probable that iRacing and others will never implement it. I haven't taken a closer look at AC architecture, but hopefully since it customizable through the use of mods, this will enable such type of realism to be added to the sim.
  12. Remembering the good old times of netKar Pro GPChampionship:

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  13. Interesting videos indeed. But this game is just so old :D. And cutting bus stop chicane so much. But it was so many years ago. Let's hope for something similar in Assetto Corsa.
  14. Ahh, it may look old but those physics never got old :D

    The racing in GPC was certainly the most intense i ever took part in because of FULL MODE. As Tim (Requiem) said.. Going into qual sessions knowing any major damage might see you miss the start of the race was incredible...especially at Monaco!

    I loved full mode. I think all of the GPC racers really loved that feature. It really added another layer of depth to race nights. Unfortunately i rarely saw full mode being used anywhere else. It clearly wasn't popular among most simmers.

    Hopefully we'll see something similar in AC one day, but i doubt it'll come from Kunos.

    @Requiem84. Thanks for the memories :D Great days.