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How good are the T500RS pedals?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Sergio Goncalves, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. I'm seriously thinking about buying a T500RS, but want to know this... how good are the pedals? I already have CSP's but I like the idea of having inverted pedals like the T500RS pedals. If I buy one, I'm going to use those pedals with the brake mod from basherboards.com
    If they are good enough maybe I can sell the CSP's to get some cash back :)
    So, someone with a T500RS that can highlight me? :D
  2. I have the CSP V2 and T500RS with the bushings. Currently run 2x70 I believe. I can´t say which are better they both perform so well it´s mostly just preferences. The throttle on the Fanatec is a bit smoother but I haven´t really seen this reflected on track. As for brake you can get a stiffer brake feel with the T500RS pedals. Both give a good progressive resistance so I can´t say one is better then the other. I am a bit afraid the smaller rubber on the CSP V2s will wear out though may require more maintenance not just the load cells.

    The T500RS pedals integrate better with my feets in my cockpit. And I can adjust the pedal position and angle in exact every way both pedal and seat. This was lucky because I had problems finding the perfect position for my clubsports. I am quite stiff so the long throttle mainly lead to some issues where I still wanted it like that but had to find just the right angle where I could handle it :).

    I suppose a lot is the over hang position I felt the same way with the CST pedals when I had those despite I probably simraced more with floor standing pedals then driven real cars with hanging :)

    The only transition I think you will find really hard is the clutch. It´s just another throttle.
    Also another thing sometimes I feel I loose ffb strength when using the CSP pedals instead of the T500RS. If it´s due to the T500RS being identified as number 2 or some kind of game bug. But it´s generally not an issue since I seldom run max ffb out of it anyway.

    Get the T500RS and try it out then decide is the absolute best. CSP do feel a bit more rigid in their construction and look a bit cooler. Depend a bit if you are after the performance or if other factors is important too. On the other hand all this metal on metal on the CSP mean you have to lubricate them to keep it quiet and they do collect dust very easilly. the T500RS pedals is more protected and also you won´t have to replace load cells on them.
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  3. strange, I always heared that the csp are way better than the t500rs
    but i can't judge as I only own a g25
  4. Thank you so much for posting here your detailed experience! :D

  5. I have the t500 setup and I think it's fantastic. Only got an old logitech driving force pro to compare to tho.

    Looking forward to fitting a load cell mod at some stage.
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  6. Have you tried the basher mod? It´s virtually free :)
  7. No but I may look into it, cheers
  8. Why don't you invert your CSP? The v1 is supposedly pretty easy to invert, granted you have to have somewhere to mount the pedals upside down though.
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  9. I currently use a Driving Force GT combined with CSP :)
    The DFGT is really good for the price but I want to make an upgrade :D

    I can't mount them anywhere, I don't have a proper cockpit :(
  10. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    The T500RS pedals are the best packaged pedals I've used. so much better than the Logitech G27 standard pedals.
    The problem is though, I find the CSP set so much better than the T500RS ones.

    There is talk about a load cell coming very soon for them though, and when it does, iI intend to grab it
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  11. Gerben Kelly

    Gerben Kelly

    What Cristopher says, they are better than the g25/g27 pedals. The only missing thing is a loadcell...:(

    I am using fanatec elite pedals, till there is a loadcell mod or solution by Thrustmaster self for the T500rs pedals.
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  12. Maybe the bushings mod from basherboards can solve the loadcell problem? Looks like it does a pretty good job.
  13. It does. Load cell isn´t really mandatory to simulate a pressure sensitive brake pedal unless you are after a complete plank feel. Real brake pedals does move as you apply more pressure but I sometimes would feel how it would be to just have a plank with a loadcell and how easy that would be to use :)
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  14. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    sorry for resurrecting such an old topic but I am also having the same dilemma - T500 pedals with the bushings or the CSP V2
    Is the bushings mod better than the packaged break mod with the short, stiff spring? I have that one installed right now and if I am honest, it's not that great. Better than the standard pedal but not good enough. So yes, do the bushings improve the feel?
  15. my friend loves his t500 pedals with bushings
    and isn't considering another pedalset for now

    but i heared that they can be compared to a g27 pedalset with niximmod

    csp's v2 still should be better but every opinion is a subjective one
    the only one that really counts is yours :D
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  16. They use similar rubbers which give them a progressive feel with lots of resistance to get to full brake.

    The difference is that bushings exists with different stiffness and you don´t need to add any deadzones with the mod on the T500RS.

    With the assumption more expensive is better the CSPs is better :D

    It does have a better clutch if you care for that though and a slightly more adjustable throttle.

    I would expect the T500RS pedals to hold up better over time and it performs better where it counts on the brake :)
  17. I have two wheel and pedal sets, one T500RS with the Basherboards bushing mod, and one TX with Fanatec CSR Elite pedals. Strictly speaking based on my opinion only, I really like the T500 brake pedal better with the bushing mod more than I do the CSR Elites with load cell. That being said, I do like the gas pedal better on the CSR Elites only because it has more travel and the stiffness can be increased; the T500 gas pedal feels very soft and has very little travel. I give the clutch pedal to the CSR Elites also but only because its slightly stiffer although I can certainly live with the T500 clutch pedal without any complaints. So in summary, I prefer the CSR Elite gas pedal, but the T500 brake pedal with bushing mod. I don't even want to consider the Clubsport pedals simply for the fact that it seems they have a lot of issues with the Hall sensors and magnets coming loose or not picking up the signal properly. Most people feel the CSR Elites are more reliable for this alone, they still use pots for the gas and clutch.
  18. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    You know that my quality preference is a tiny bit (haha...) lower than yours so i would NOT recommend these pedals to you. You should go for the Heusinkveld or ARC pedals, everything below the high end standard will disappoint you :)
    Im fine with the T500 steering wheel with playstation buttons, which gives you big goosebumps :)
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  19. While racing you don´t have time to look at your fancy gear anyway so for me it´s all about feel while driving. If it looks great good but not if it cost extra :D

    Though doing a lot of Euro Truck simulator 2 I find I have a lot of time to find that plastic on the F458 Italia wheel everybody is complaining about. In race cars you seldom steer more then 30 degrees of your 620 or whatever you set it up to I find with modern cars.

    Now I have a 365 mm Momo Classic leather rim which is immensely more enjoyable in this sim ;)

    On the other hand my HE Sim Ultimates has never ever felt better because I get more time to appreciate them. I would recommend every owner of serious pedal sets to try this sim to really get the feel of your pedals.

    CSP V2 will be better for some worse for others. HE Sim Ultimates they are just bestest period ;)
  20. how are they compared to the pro pedals?