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How do you use a 2012 track in 2013 FSR mod?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Primaguida, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Hello

    I tried to put 2012 Korea track in "Locations\FSR2012Tracks\R13_Korea\Korea" folder, but it doesn't works. I tried different folders with no success. Tips?

    Thank you;)
  2. Well have you changed in the GDB File about the folder location, because you need to change that if you want it in the FSR 2013 Tracks e.g.VenueName = FSR 2013 Tracks
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  3. Mhm..
    It doesn't look very simple and I don't want to create problems; I think I will wait the official release:rolleyes:.
  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Just Sync the Korea track we used in 2012 and use it on its own folder? :rolleyes:
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  5. Is it possible to sync a single track only? Maybe I miss files and I have to download the entire 2012 mod to have what I miss. In this moment i'm using shared files from my teammates.
  6. When you say doesn't work, you need to give more details. Doesn't load? Loads with an error, what?

    Copy the commonmaps.mas from locations folder and put inside the fsrtracks foler. That might fix it if if's the error loading I had.
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  7. It doesn't load, it stucks loading the track; meanwhile I can only press Esc backing on desktop with an rFactor crash. Thanks, I will try.
  8. Copy at gamedata/locations/ , maybe it works.( not in FSR folder ).
    Then copy also in FSR folder and try, it must work..
    And BTW. isnt Yeongam in 1week?
    Why isnt there track update for simsync :( ?
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  9. I tried everything but I have the same problem. I think I miss some files; I will wait. Thank you as well;)
  10. When is korea gonna be released btw?
    If I remember correctly Japan was released just 2days after
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