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How do people cut in Time Trial?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by f1iosdef, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. How do people cut in Time Trial? On PS4 Canada dry no.1 on leaderboard is 1:06.xx which is impossible. I set his car as a ghost he was cutting all over the place. I tried to follow him but my lap gets invalidated. How the f do they do it??
  2. sidewinder26


    No idea mate, I have pretty decent times on Melbourne and still 2 seconds off the frontrunning pace. The ghosts just take off.
  3. Cheating may be? I don't know. But you get cutting cheats in every sim and every online racing experience and they just say "if the game allows it, it's fine". Sad I know but that's life. Cheats are cheats.:(:cool:
  4. I dont think there is such a "tool" for the ps4 to cut like that. There is some way to get the game think that youre going the right way but actually cutting
  5. I've experienced this in certain corners in Time Trial. Sometimes, if I mess up and allow the car to roll over a corner it doesn't take my lap away, whereas if I'm too early on the brakes, accelerate, and just manage to slip off the circuit it will pop up immediately. Not all corners are like this, and will disqualify you anyways. Like every F1 title with global leaderboards, some figure out how to cut and cheat. I remember previous titles were littered with stupid times, as you could literally go on a hike across the grass on tracks like Spa and pick up tons of time. I don't get why they do it, but it's going to happen.

    The game is so much better with limits than previous titles. Still, there's certain parts you can leave the track and not get a penalty for it. It's usually in parts where going off isn't going to give you an advantage, and Codemasters were pretty smart with it. Almost like they asked former F1 drivers which corners are the main culprits.
  6. Did a short TT on Spa this weekend and ran a 1:46.9. The top times were in the 45 but there was one bloke who did a 41. Pretty sure he cut somewhere and got away with it. Im fine with exploring and exploiting track limits as thats part of the game in these TT. As long as your not cutting entire corners to get ridiculous times.