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How can I get rid of the formation lap?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by jdm1822, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hello, this is my first post.

    I installed rFactor and I could start a race from position, but after installing several mods it now always start any race in any mod with a formation lap. How can I remove this from the game? It is really boring when the track is long.

    Besides, some mods will search for a BMW Z3 Pace car, and after not finding it in my rFactor folder, a error message is displayed. How can I get that BMW pace car?

  2. You SHOULD Have a button assigned to "Skip Formation Lap".

    rFactor should tell you what button that is in the blue box in the bottom-left corner that gives you info during a race.

    Alternatively, under the "RULES" section of "settings" there will be an option that says something like "Race Start" or "Start type" or "Start Formation" or something like that. It is probably set to "Use Track Default" or something like that. Switch that to "Standing Start" (as opposed to "Formation & Standing" or whatever) and you will have a standing start with no formation lap. HOWEVER: With this second option beware that this then applies to ALL tracks. I don't know how much oval racing, if at all, you do but I don't think it would be a good idea if you do.
  3. Thanks FerrariMan96. There is a message displayed indicating to press a key button to supposedly skip the formation lap, in my case the SPACE, but instead it returns to the beginning of the formation lap and the speaker even tells me that I have broken the car engine (although I can still start it and drive)!!

    If no other button is available or I can't fix the problem, I will make use of the standing start option that you mentioned.
  4. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Can you uninstall the mods and install them one by one to see if it's one of them creating the problem?
  5. I have used the "standing start" option and everything is ok now. The only matter is to remember to switch it to "formation/standing" or "rolling" in those mods/tracks that will ask for it.

    As regards the BMW Z3 Pace car, do you have any ideas or help? how can I install it?