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Hosting a 50% race at 8 o clock

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13' started by Thimoty Decrans, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Hosting a 50% race at 8 o clock, ...thats in 40 mins from now. collisions off (lag) and Damage ON,Tirewear On yall are welcome, server name is "zelimper" race will start when lobby is almost full, yall are welcome
  2. PC or PS3??
  3. PC offcourse..
  4. Arf ok! Good luck! :)
  5. seems no interest (competetive) in this game whatsoever.....really a shame...
  6. :( i joined you if it was PS3...anyway both are hard to get people and play "more seriously" sad... :O_o:
  7. i think most of the serius players are real bikers, and that the game is not so atractive to non bikers?
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  8. Yeah maybe...it's rare to like cars and bikes at same time?? Loool
    I do it, but, i have more fun with my Ninja than a car :p and for me bikers are heroes, even if i appreciate F1 and all other car racing, in 4 wheels rallying is the most skillful.

    But riding a bike, is riding a bike... :)
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  9. same here...:D Biking is a way of life... cars is just a hobby .....what ninja r u riding? had a ninja zx9 to when i was young think it was 1999 model,and now..my SV1000 gave up on me last month, and currently im in between bikes..riding a VX800...but its not really my thing...i miss my sv ..
  10. Ahhh i ride a sweet "ninjinha" 250r :p but i love it :) thinking now about a Liter Bike (=
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