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Honda Civic BTCC'16 Skin Pack for Touring Cat C Class V1.11

Matt Neal, Matt Simpson, Dan Lloyd, Gordon Shedden BTCC 4K Livery Mod Pack

  1. SaschaD submitted a new resource:

    Honda Civic BTCC'16 Pack for Cat C Class - Matt Neal, Matt Simpson, Dan Lloyd, Gordon Shedden BTCC 4K Livery Mod Pack

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  2. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    Hi There,

    Thanks for the 4k skins. The reason for the model change, as you mention is, we brought it up to 2016 specs, taken from the 2013 specs from RF2. Horus, my hero and skin Guro, did all the 2016 skins for all cars, including the Honda Halfords Yuasa Racing.

    I am not sure where you are getting your Cat C Class. This is a BTCC mod for AC, no class. Just to make you aware, Dan Lloyd doesn't drive in the BTCC anymore, as funding fell through, but Martin Depper and Jeff Smith do.
  3. Thanks for your answer. These skins are for Grid Autosport, not for AC or RF2. I made them 100% myself, i can upload my .psd files if you want. Unfortunately the BTCC Class is named Cat C in Grid Autosport, so i called it just like that. ;)

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that from Dan Lloyd. he is a good driver and eurotech need the victoryies. :D
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  4. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    OH sorry mate, have I got confused, have you made these for Grid Autosport and not Assetto Corsa. I apologise if I have got confused
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  6. great work mate.

    could you also add the Halfords Yuasa livery for Sheddon?
  7. Hello friend, thanks for your likes and ratings. :D

    As special feature there is a 2015 Gordon Shedden skin included in this skin pack, but you can't play with this skin. (Like the Mike Bushell skin in the ford skin pack.)

    Only the user/standard livery team has a separate teammate skin, it only appear when you start a custom race with the Cat C Touring Class (and eventually in multiplayer, never tested... :D). But you can copy the files from your Grid Autosport/cars/models/cit/livery_user/textures_low folder to an honda skin you want and rename the files suitable. The Shedden files are in fully 4K like the other skins, there is no restriction. If you want, i can the upload the files separately.

    Or mean you a 2016 Gordon Shedden skin instead the Matt Neal skin? Yes i can make and upload it for you.
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  8. cheers mate, that would be very nice.