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Hitting system

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tomaz Selcan, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan
    Premium Member

    We didn't discuse about hitting system yet, but now whit some AI that was possible and i must say it's pretty good. Even thought we don't have damage model implanted yet, we can see that races on multiplayer will be spectacular.. AI isn't finished yet but still managed to go back to track no matter how hard i hit it. No problems at all with small bumps from back while i was catching it.

    ps: ai helped me to improve my time in imola for almost a second (1:41 now) :D

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  2. The hitting (car to car) system is really great. Much better than car to wall.
    How you get decent AI. My AI drive like drunk guy. Can't even go to first turn proper
  3. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan
    Premium Member

    On start you need to let him pass and you can't overtake it because than they lose focus.
  4. when you are in front of them (you let them drive a round and you wait anywhere), do they drive further or stop too? I want to see, if they try to avoid crashes already :)
  5. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan
    Premium Member

    I created a race with 24 drivers, everybody crashed except first one which drive whole lap until they came back to finish line and saw all that crashed cars. :D If you race side to side with ai, it will go to the wall.
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