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Historic GT UI

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Paul Godden, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love the mod - and although not quite the same as GTL (I guess due to the slightly different engines) there is one thing that really annoys me..

    Yeap, the useless UI, which is so annoying when you're used to the generic rFactor one. It's bugging me because the easy way is to just amend the rfm file, but doing that makes it incompatible with online races. :sad:
  2. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

    Paul do you mean the Menu layout? if so that is very annoying can't hardly read it. If you mean something else, please explain.

  3. Yeap that's exactly what I meant! Bad isn't it? What were the makers thinking by adding that UI? :disapointed:

    I know there's a work around - just select a different mod, restart the game and you're back to normal (at least for that time) but it's a bit rubbish if you have to do that every time. And I know a lot of us did that when racing the minis tonight.

    Also, if you go into the folder the UI lives in, you can run a batch file in there to select between the old version and the new - the old one is a little easier to get along with, but it's still bad in comparison to the original rFactor layout.

    I wonder what the answer is? Create a custom UI or amend a different one and replace it? Maybe I'll have a look at that tomorrow. :)
  4. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

    Agree with that Paul its annoying to restart rF if you select the Mod.

    Something else in the race I had probs in the chat menu get strange text first I
    thought my keyboard was not good but as you see now that is alright.

  5. I'll add my agreement about this. It is horrible, a real shame because it is such a great mod overall. It's the main reason I missed the start today, I was trying to check something before the race started and got totally lost in the menu layouts.
    I know they wanted to get someting different with the UI to represent the era, and they definitely achieved that, but it could easily have still done that with a clearer set of fonts and making it generally a little closer in layout to rFactor.

    If someone here could come up with a mod, even just for us, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have explained this issue last night in game :) If you dont want the Historc menu layout just before you go online select another mod like F1 MMG.
    Then go online for a race in the Historic mod and ,select online server and join. When entering you will still have the MMG menu but you will have the Historic cars and mod. This will only work online where you can join a server while you still have another mod as default like MMG.

    For the keyboard settings Hans ,
    Go to your userfolder (rFactor > Userdata> 'your name')
    - open with notepad the 'controller.ini' file
    - change Keyboard Layout Override="0" in: Keyboard Layout Override="1"
    - save file
    - your done :)
  7. Fixed!

    OK, had a quick look this morning and mine is now fixed..

    Go to your rFactor directory, and go into the UIData folder.

    You should see a "HISTORIC GT" folder which is the UI - take a backup of this in case things go wrong..

    Now from the UIData folder copy every file that starts UI (UI.OSC, UIbkgd.mas, UIslbx.mas etc.) into the HISTORIC GT folder.

    Also copy the "banner.jpg" file from UIData into the HISTORIC GT folder.

    And you're done!! :smile-big:

    Hope this sorts out everyone's headaches with the ugly UI!!

    P.S. I connected to the RD server that's still running the minis and had no messages about file mismatches!
  8. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep
    Premium Member

    Paul,Problem solved, looks an works much better,one thing the note in the left -upper screen says "restart rFactor" but when you chose a Mod it goos away.

    Thanks again,Hans
  9. No probs - just happy to prevent a few headaches!:)

    I didn't notice the "restart rFactor" message - I'll have a look tonight - it's probably just another .jpg that needs to be copied across.
  10. The easiest way to got around this is to create a new install with rFactor Lite..
    then install the mod on that..

    You wont have to worry bout changing mod UI...
  11. I don't think I follow - the UI is part of the Historix install. And to create a new install of the game for the sake of a single mod doesn't sound like an "easy" way to me :D - at least when all it takes is copying 5 files into a directory!
  12. Well you install the rFactor lite, which is one original mod and track...
    Then you have the Historix install on that which I believe is worth it...

    With the new UI it makes it a hell of alot easier to manage it because you just install it and your done....
    It's easier for people who aren't the best at file structures and the like :)
  13. Oh OK, I get what you're saying - the thread was started originally though for people that hated the Historic GT UI :D
  14. Yes.... I don't really like it either to be honest :D
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